Amnesty on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Amnesty on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of Vietnam’s National DayAmnesty is a tolerant policy of the Party, State and represents the humanitarian tradition of the people of Vietnam with the offenders, encouraging them to repent, train themselves to become useful citizens of the society. At the same time, amnesty is also the record to their re-education results complying with the rules of the inmates and also as a result of the process of education and rehabilitation of prisoners, reflecting the close cooperation among prison , family, the relevant authorities and society. National Assembly of the Republic Socialist Vietnam passed the Law on Amnesty in 2007. Implementing the Law on Amnesty in recent years, the President has decided many amnesties, return convicts earlier at major events, major national holidays or in special circumstances.

Amnesty in recent years has achieved many positive results. As for social aspect, the special amnesty for prisoners eligible under the provisions has the effect of encouraging convict those are serving prison term of imprisonment to active learn, work, comply with regulations, rules and prisons, atone their fault to enjoy amnesty and soon return to reunite with their families and communities. Amnesty helps consolidating the people's confidence in the clemency and humanity of the Party and State, reflecting the essence of our socialist regime. As for economic aspect, amnesty helps reducing state spending, the pressure on prisons, create conditions for prisons to upgrade facilities and equipment, improve the quality to educate prisoners, prepare necessary facilities for prisoners to reintegrate into the community when they are released. As for politic aspect, the publicity, transparency and democracy in the implementation of the procedure for reviewing amnesty, the full information to the local press agencies, international and organize the visits, survey in prisons for international human rights organizations. All have demonstrated humanitarian policy of our Party and State for offenders. Let media and international human rights organizations to understand and recognize the clemency and humanity of the Party and State helps counteract the wrong point of the hostile forces when they intentionally to slander Vietnam violate human rights.
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