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Kết quả hình ảnh cho turkey involve IS

The fight against the Islamic State group (IS) is facing a new stage after Turkey has unexpectedly declared to engage the anti-IS coalition led by the USAnkara has conducted simultaneous raids to IS both in Syrian and armed Kurdish groups in Iraq, causing concerns about the rising interference from outside in two Middle Eastern countries. The transfer from uncooperative attitude between the US and Turkey to a key ally in the anti-IS fighting caused many skeptics.
Almost a year ago, ignoring calls from the US, Turkey decided to stand outside in the campaign against IS that US and other NATO allies were acting urgently. Ankara flatly rejected the request for assistance from the US, while Washington needed ever partnership to prevent the infiltration of Jihadi gunmen through the long border area of 1,000 km between Turkey, Iraq and Syrian. Turkey did not support the war because it was outside its calculation at that time. Ankara publicly asked the US to concentrate power and support the rebel forces overthrow Syrian regime of President Assad, while Washington suddenly paused campaigns of changing Damascus regime to turn into more urgent IS combating. For Syria, the US maintained to avoid getting stuck in civil war and focused support for the armed forces in place, including the Kurdish community to repel IS. Meanwhile, Turkey concerns that domestic breakaway Kurdish community, who cherished ambition to split into an independent state, encouraged by the rise of Kurdish in Iraq and Syria, would promote anti-Ankara government.
However, the unexpected and unpredictable developments in fighting IS has impacted seriously on regional security situation. Turkey is inevitably affected when the rise of IS unhinges the whole Middle East. Meanwhile, the administration of President Erdogan is increasingly under pressure in dealing force of Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) who increased tensions in society and politics of Turkey. This is said to be one of the reasons for the “handshake” between the US and Turkey in fighting IS recently. Indeed, Ankara is taking a double hit destination, combining the fight against PKK with dealing IS.
Strengthening cooperation agreement allows US warplanes to launch from airbases in Turkey to advance the position of the IS in both Syrian and Iraq. The two sides also boost plans to establish “no IS buffer zone” at Syrian - Turkey border to prevent threats from this terrorist organization. The airbase of Turkey is near Syrian border than which the US’ bases stationed in Iraq, Kuwait or Jordani. Therefore, the cooperation of Turkey will allow surveillance aircraft and unmanned combat aircraft of the US reacts faster with intelligence, advancing regularly, accurate more easily on the objectives of IS. With this decision, the Turkish army has officially joined the battle directly against IS. Accordingly, the fighters of this country have been involved air strikes IS bases in Syria as well as strengthening the armed Kurdish groups in northern Iraq which is said to be backing the PKK.

The calculated turning point in the military policy of Turkey is said by the analysts that to alter the game's anti-terror coalition. However, the fact that Ankara implemented unilateral air strike inside Syrian and Iraqi territory alleged to infringe upon national sovereignty and escalating intervention from outside into Syria. Baghdad protested this action as an infringement of sovereignty to Iraq. Egypt expressed disagreement with the actions of Ankara when Cairo called for ensuring the territorial integrity of Syria. Meanwhile, some NATO allies whether voiced support for Turkey joining the fight against IS but also concern the recent military actions increased tensions in the region. In the context of the crisis lasting more than four years in Syria without retreat, any military intervention from outside makes the situation even more complicated, the Middle East will increasingly in deep chaos.
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