The amnesty - the clement policy of the Vietnamese Party and State

                                       Granting of amnesty to prisoners
The granting of amnesty to prisoners reflects the clement policy of the Vietnamese Party and State and the humanitarian tradition of the nation, encouraging them to repent and train themselves to become useful residents of the society. The amnesty is also a way to recognize inmates’ rehabilitation in prison, which is the result of close coordination between detention camps, families, relevant agencies and the whole society
After the National Assembly adopted the Law on Amnesty in 2007, the President has granted five amnesties, under which a total of 63,499 inmates were freed ahead of their scheduled release dates and 678 others had their sentences delayed or suspended. The amnesties were granted in association of national major events and big anniversaries or in special circumstances.
In recent times, the amnesty has gained a lot of positive results. In the social aspect, the amnesty for prisoners who are eligible under the provisions has encouraged them to serve well the punishments and rules of prisons with the aim of being qualified to receive the granting and come back to their family and society.
The amnesty has contributed to reinforce people’s trust in the clement policy of the Vietnamese Party and State, showing the essence of our socialist regime.
In view of several major national anniversaries in 2015, including the 85th birthday of the Communist Party of Vietnam, 40 years of southern region liberation and national reunification, 70 years of the National Day and the upcoming 12 th Party National Congress, the President has decided to grant an amnesty.
Under the President’s Decision 1366/2015/QD-CTN issued on July 10, the Central Advisory Council on Amnesty and the Prime Minister have issued documents on the implementation of the President’s decision. All the documents were published in the mass media and disseminated to each inmate.
According to the preliminary report of the Ministry of Public Security, more than 18,000 prisoners across the country have met conditions to receive amnesty.
As many as 15,446 domestic and foreign prisoners nationwide will be released on August 30 in compliance with the President’s amnesty decision on the occasion of the upcoming National Day (Sept. 2).
Another 77 who are temporarily suspended from serving sentences will also be given amnesty.
Among the pardoned inmates, 1,842 are women, 16 are foreigners, 4 were charged with acting against national security and 3 will receive special amnesty.
Especially, prisoners sentenced by all-level People’s Courts that have made good rehabilitation progress are eligible for a possible pardon, irrespective of their nationalities.
To ensure publicity and transparency, an inter-sector assessment team including representatives from the Ministry of Public Security, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President’s Office have conducted assessments of each prisoner profile.
Besides the amnesty, the Party and State also take measures to create favorable conditions for pardoned prisoners to re-integrate into the community and stabilize their lives./.

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