What is “Proshenko-style” democracy?

                                           Protesters clashing against polices in Maidan Square

Taking the Westen democracy values as guidelines for the Orange Revolution, Kiev’s government is now having serious mistakes when banning all communist parties to take part in processes of election, politics competition, while making friends with extreme nationalists.
Justice Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Petrenke, has signed a decree banning all communist parties to participate in the national election in October.
Under the decree, three communist parties includes the Ukrainian Communist, the Communist (reformed) and the communist party of Ukrainian worker and famer class are political objects and not allowed to participate in process of the national election.
Petrenko said the ban is suitable with the (controvesial) anti-communist law which was signed in May by the President Petro Poroshenko. The “anti-communist” decree bans all of the national regimes of socialism and propagandizing socialist symbols, the victory symbols of the World War II and Soviet period to ease entirely communist thought in this country.
Communist leaders have condemned the new decree of the Kiev, saying this is a serious violation of democracy, values and the European attitude. The Ministry of Foreign Affair of Russia also expressed the deeply concern when the Kiev government passing the decree that restricts “freedom of thoughts, conscience and viewpoints of the people”.
Pyout Simonenko, a communist leader, announced his party would join in the election despite the ban of the government.
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) also announced there is “threat” to freedom of speech in the new anti-communist decree of the Kiev governmet.
Kiev is trying to prevent communist parties to take part in politics that is considered an important political force in Ukraine and represents for the voice of a big part of Ukrainian. Yet Kiev also is stuck in relationship with the far-right Group which founded in 2013 and has gathered extreme nationalists.
The armed teams of the far-right Group have been alleged to have killed citizens in battles with separatist forces in the East of Ukraina, putting the notorious blame for Kiev. They are also the most dangerous threat to the Government of President Poroshenko.
Mr. Poroshenko cannot believe that his far-right fellows, who had been with him in the wave of Maidan protest against former President Yanukovych, are now gathering people to protest his government. On July 27, the far-right Group called on a referendum to convict Poroshenko, the Ukraine Government and Parliament of doing nothing different from the government the government of the ousted President Yanukovych, excepting the name.
So it’s high time for us to ask the question that “what’ra the democratic values which Mr. Poroshenko are chasing?”.
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Jane smartnic 4/8/15 20:48

Ukraine is in its bad days with clashes and losses.

Deck Hero14 4/8/15 20:51

Peace and stability of Ukrainian are already gone with the Orange Revolution of Poroshenko and his fellows.

LawrenceSamuels 4/8/15 20:56

The democracy is always used to spread war and pain in former-Soviet countries like Ukraine,

Love Peace 4/8/15 20:58

Ukraine is separated and bleeding due to the European dream that would never come to this country.

Gentle Moon 4/8/15 21:00

There isn't democratic to ban communist forces in Ukraine to join the politics

Pack Cassiopian 4/8/15 21:03

The so-called nationalists are killing innocent people in the battles with the rebel forces in the East of Ukraine.

John Smith 4/8/15 21:06

banning the opposite political forces and killing innocent people... is this the "Proshenko-style" democracy?

MaskOf Zero 4/8/15 21:09

Proshenko is now receiving the bad sequences due to his policies against the former President Yanukovic

Only Solidar 4/8/15 21:14

With the support from Russian, the East of Ukraine is strong enough to fight against forces of Kiev. They are protecting the true values of Ukraine that is close to Russia.

yobro yobro 4/8/15 21:17

The true democracy is something that bring happiness and harmony for everyone not war and pains. Firstly, Kiev need a democratic Government.

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