Great significance and value of August Revolution is undeniable

While Vietnamese people are actively celebrating several big national anniversaries in 2015, there are a number of online sources, which have distorted and denied the Vietnamese national revolutionary achievements. In fact, hostile forces use old-fashioned arguments, saying that the Vietnamese people should not have conducted the August Revolution because there existed the so-called “national government.” The “national government” that they mention was, in fact, led by Tran Trong Kim, an anti-revolutionary, and his fellows.
What was the Tran Trong Kim government?
Those who are voicing opinions against the August Revolution and the Vietnamese national revolutionary achievement surely comprehend that the Tran Trong Kim government was just a puppet government serving Japanese fascists. When Japanese fascists ousted the French colonists in Vietnam, the Japanese wanted to set up a government to rule the local people and repress revolutionary movements nationwide. Although Tran Trong Kim was in Bangkok, he was chosen by Japanese fascists to lead that government. On March 10, 1945, Japanese fascists took him from Bangkok to Saigon and then Hue to form Japan’s puppet government on April 17, 1945. Showing his gratitude to Japanese fascists, Tran Trong Kim publically said: “We will never forget our gratitude to Great Japan, which has liberated our country from French colonists.” So the Tran Trong Kim government was indeed patronized by the Japanese fascists in Vietnam, who, everyone knows, later brought a lot of suffering to the Vietnamese people.
Whether or not those who said, “The Vietnamese had their own government after French colonists had been ousted,” have misunderstood or pretended not to understand, the government was under the auspices of Japanese fascists and was, therefore, not independent.
The so-called “independence” that Japanese fascists bestowed on the Tran Trong Kim government was fake, and did not represent the desire of the Vietnamese for national liberation. In other words that government, which was in fact the direct product of the Japanese invaders, standing for the Japanese invaders to rule the Vietnamese people, served the interests of the Japanese fascists in Vietnam rather than of the Vietnamese people. As a result, they met the same fate as the Japanese invaders.
In the August Revolution, revolutionary forces gave the first and foremost priority to the “national liberation” mission. The revolution was led by the Party, supported by, and participated in by all strata of the Vietnamese people across the country. The “national liberation” mission was universally understood as a thorough and complete revolution, which would lead to the outcomes of real independence for the nation and the formation of a government of the people and for the people.
The August Revolution in 1945.
What is the purpose of hostile forces?
Although the August Revolution took place 70 years ago, many libraries across the word still preserve authentic records on this historical event. So it is very easy for anyone short of knowledge to refer to historical documents. All reliable resources of information show that the government of Tran Trong Kim appeared to be cowardly and reactionary, as it soon abandoned its initial goals of national liberation and independence to serve Japanese invaders’ interests, in exchange of of its own survival.
History is undeniable. But hostile forces are still trying to distort it in order to disclaim the significance and real value of the August Revolution. In fact, some political opportunists and reactionaries started to deny the great value and significance for the nation of the August Revolution immediately following its success.
At the celebration of the first anniversary of the August Revolution, former Party General Secretary Truong Trinh said: “Some people, who either have not dropped a sweat for the revolution or have been acting against the nation, are seeking to deny the great value of the August Revolution.”
So it is necessary to clarify the real purpose of the argument saying that the August Revolution was “insignificant.” It must be reaffirmed that those who give the groundless and irrational arguments have wicked purposes. They indeed seek to distort the nature of the August Revolution and deny its great value and the noble sacrifices of revolutionary troops and people for the sake of national independence. They try to deceive public opinion by identifying the revolution with the puppet government led by Tran Trong Kim, which served foreign invaders’ interests.
The August Revolution bears great value and significance for the nation. This is because the Vietnamese people, for the first time, mobilized their own strength under the leadership of the Vietnam Communist Party to liberate the nation from the foreign invaders’ domination and chains of slavery. For this reason, it is undeniable that the August Revolution is one of the greatest revolutions in Vietnamese history.
Great significance of the August Revolution
Studying the August Revolution, true historians and scientists conclude that its significance has even gone far beyond the border of this country. It has become the symbol of national liberation struggles around the world. Many nations in the world modeled their own actions on the Vietnamese August Revolution, albeit some of them did not accomplish the final goal of national liberation.
Unlike some other national liberation revolutions in other countries, the August Revolution was led by the Vietnam Communist Party, the true party of the working class. As a result, the first mission that the August Revolution achieved for the nation was national liberation. In other words, national liberation and independence from foreign invaders was the first but not the only goal of the revolution. After the August Revolution – liberating the nation from foreign  domination, the Vietnamese people continued to build a State of people and for people, consolidated the government and used that government for the organization, management and building of socialism in the country, bringing true independence, freedom, prosperity and happiness to all working people. 
In conclusion, all people with common sense see the great significance and value of the August Revolution. First, it put an end to the foreign domination that had existed in the country for nearly a century. Second, it gained real independence for the nation and true freedom for working people. Third, it smashed the old system of slavery, man-by-man exploitation and inequality, built a State of people and for people, and brought a new status to Vietnamese working people, from the oppressed position to the master status of the country. Fourth, it opened a new era to the nation; since then the Vietnamese people have enjoyed their self-determined right to build a new better society, a new happy life in their own independent country. Finally, it served as an encouragement and support source for revolutions for national liberation of nations across the world, especially nations in the region.
Good advice for those who still go against the nation’s interests by distorting the national history is that their malicious propaganda using false and fake information and groundless arguments are useless and valueless because of the truth that the August Revolution is forever the pride of the Vietnamese people, and all Vietnamese people see the great significance and value of the August Revolution.
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John Smith 14/8/15 15:25

under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Vietnamese people from north to south rose up for the August revolution to gain power and establish the first worker-farmer state in Southeast Asia.

LawrenceSamuels 14/8/15 15:26

The event ushered in an era of independence and freedom for the Vietnamese nation. The great values of the August revolution remain until now

yobro yobro 14/8/15 15:26

The August 1945 Revolution was one of the most glorious chapters in the history of the Vietnamese nation.

MaskOf Zero 14/8/15 15:27

With this victory, the Vietnamese people crushed the yoke of Japanese fascists and French colonialists and eliminating the thousands of years of feudal regime, driving the country to a new era of development: national independence and socialism.

Only Solidar 14/8/15 15:28

with the August revolution, the Vietnamese nation made a miracle, escaping from slavery to self-determination. The birth the Democratic Republic of Vietnam encouraged oppressed nations to struggle against imperialism, marking the collapse of imperialism all over the world.

Deck Hero14 14/8/15 15:29

Vietnam was the first among the French colonies to be successful in its resistance. The victory of the August revolution was influential to the movement for independence of colonized countries in the world

Pack Cassiopian 14/8/15 15:29

This revolution made a deep imprint in the history of national liberation, where the fighting guidelines of the Communist Party of Vietnam coincided with the people’s aspirations.

Love Peace 14/8/15 15:30

The August revolution brought about valuable lessons for Vietnam: national independence, socialism and the correct combination of strategic tasks, the mobilization of the whole nation’s strength, the art of uprising, the tactics of seizing opportunities and building a Marxist-Leninist Party with strong political will and close bonds with the people.

Jane smartnic 14/8/15 15:31

In today’s context, we should look at the development trend; learn about forces, contradictions, advantages and disadvantages in the world. So we can learn from these lessons to solve our pending problems

Gentle Moon 14/8/15 15:31

The August revolution was the vivid fruits of people’s aspirations and of the national great unity under the leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh. Such infinite strengths will forever encourage today’s generations to move forwards.

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