Despicable tricks of the so-called “democrats”


Kết quả hình ảnh cho “democrats”

Sabotage against Vietnamese revolution with a focus on eliminating the Party’s leadership and socialist regime in our country is the consistent objective of the hostile forces and so-called “democrats”. Everyone knows this but cannot help being surprised by their ridiculous and  despicable tricks, especially at the times of national major events.
To achieve their evil objective, they have used a lot of tricks, including despicable ones, sullying a number of senior leaders of Party and State to cause internal division and undermine people’s faith in Party’s leadership. In some blogs, they have invented shocking stories telling people that a Party leader was poisoned by “internal disputes”; another leader has “huge property”, villas, and expensive cars. However, the stories have been exposed as make-up. They have made use of confusion between “black and white”, “truth and falsehood”, adding photos from real estate projects and advertisements of automobile companies to the annotations of their own wicked intention.
In another aspect, they have collected information about bad incidents reflected in the press, changing them for people to misunderstand in order to undermine our Party. They have highlighted bad incidents occurring in a number of localities, ministries, and sectors, exaggerating them to make our society a gloomy picture, then loudly criticizing and speaking ill of Party, denying the socialist regime. More evilly, when a number of cadres and party members deteriorate, abusing their position and power for corruption, they hurriedly generalize the phenomenon, claiming that the nature of Party is corruption; and that Party no longer deserves to lead State and society.
By their hostility, prejudice, imposition, tarring people with the same brush, they are plotting to “cover the sun with hands”. However, truth is truth. Nobody can distort the true facts, then brazenly regarding them as the truth. Such despicable tricks are not enough for “democrats” to fade the image of a rapidly growing, friendly, and peaceful Vietnam in the eyes of international friends. No matter how cunning and evil they are, they cannot deny the achievements gained in the country’s reform which has been initiated and led by our Party over the past 30 years. Simply, it is the truth. Our people know that most of the Party cadres and members as the vanguard are exemplary, virtuous and capable, playing the key role in the country’s current reform.
The so-called “democrats” are still trying to take advantage of democracy and human rights as a pretext to distort and deny ideological ground, platform, guidelines, policies of the Party and socialist regime in Vietnam. They claim that Marxism-Leninism is outdated; our Party’s lines are wrong, not suitable for the national development requirements; and that Party and State of Vietnam are dictatorial, violating democracy and human rights, bringing about economic decline, cultural degradation, and oppressive society; independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity are violated. For the reasons above, they come to conclude that eliminating Party’s leadership and socialist regime, “pluralism, multi-party”, developing the country under capitalism are the key points to ensuring a strong and prosperous country, democracy and human rights. How ridiculous it is!
It is necessary to reiterate that kind of argument is wrongful, distorting the truth, only serving the hostile forces resenting Vietnam. As for our people, more than anyone else, we treasure significant achievements in all fields such as politics, economics, culture, society, democracy, and human rights, earned by countless Vietnamese people’s blood, sweat, tears. Our people know that only the Communist Party of Vietnam whose ideological ground is Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s Thought is capable enough to gather the whole nation and lead them to a revolution, overthrowing feudalism and colonialism; to victory in the resistant war against imperialism, gaining independence and unification, then building a strong, prosperous, and civilized country, ensuring the true democracy and human rights. It has been proved over the past 85 years that the Communist Party of Vietnam has always strived for democracy and human rights in parallel with national independence and socialism. That our Party has always considered democracy and human rights the main points of its guidelines and policies it has gathered and encouraged people from all walks of life to fight and sacrifice for revolutionary victory. In the cause of reform today, if Party did not promote the exercise of democracy and respect human rights, would it be able to mobilize and bring into full play all the resources, all the economic sectors for the cause of Socialist Homeland  construction and protection? In the integration into the world and the condition of a socialist-oriented market economy, our Party and State always regard internal strength as a decisive factor, which is reflected in guidelines and policies. To this end, our Party holds that “human is the aim and motivation” for the country’s development. At the same time, the Party always considers democracy the key to promoting Vietnamese people’s potential and wisdom in Homeland construction and protection. Therefore, alongside a focus on completing legal system to best guarantee the exercise of democracy and human rights, the 2013 Constitution confirms that "in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, human rights and citizens' rights in the political, civil, economic, cultural and social fields shall be recognized, respected, protected and guaranteed in accordance with the Constitution and law". Acts and various legal documents have recognized and institutionalized citizen’s rights and responsibilities such as ownership right, right of production material use, right of legal free business, right of free speech, right of free press, right of free association,  religious and belief freedom, non-belief and non-religious freedom, and so on.
As for freedom of press, each ministry as well as each sector has its own spokesperson to regularly answer questions made by journalists at home and abroad. Monthly, the Government holds a regular press conference after its regular meeting with the participation of the Government Office Chairman, Spokesperson of the Government, most of the ministers, being ready to answer journalists’ questions. Weekly, Vietnam Television, the National Broadcaster, has the program called “Queries for Ministers” in which people send their questions to ministers through the e-mail publicized on television. Recently, the Minister of Health has set up hot lines for people to report hospitals’ problems to hospital leaders and the Health Ministry.
In economic field, “democrats” often loudly criticize our Party for being undemocratic, discriminatory. However, our Party holds that all economic sectors operating in accordance with law are important components of the national economy; all of them are equal under law, developing, cooperating and fairly competing with one another in the long run. In the new mechanism, every economic sector is equal in responsibilities and rights, being supported to develop; all interests are respected, individual ones are not discriminated, and among the strong motivations for national development. Moreover, we strengthen opening policy and international integration, while unceasingly bettering the business environment; encouraging foreign enterprises to expand their production so as to bring into play our potential and strength, building a strong and prosperous country. Consequently, in the very difficult condition, while many countries worldwide are in deep crisis, our economic growth rate in 2014 still stays at 5.98 %, much higher than estimated; it is considered that Vietnam has security and political stability, good environment for investment, attracting a lot of international and regional investors.
In a volatile world, maintenance of political stability, peaceful environment to develop economy, culture, society, improve people’s lives, and preserve national independence and sovereignty is a significant achievement. This has its roots in Party’s sound lines; people’s unity, faith in Party’ leadership and determination to bring the country’s reform to complete victory. All despicable tricks and distortion of the so-called “democrats” will not deceive anyone.
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Gentle Moon 6/8/15 20:37

Does that make Democrats socialists. No! Democrats believe in Capitalism; but, want a fairer distribution of the wealth for all workers and higher wages. That does not make them socialists.

Jane smartnic 6/8/15 20:38

Everything Democrats support has the principles of Socialism at its core. Of course they don't push for every single ideal of Socialism, but we only see this because they know there are some battles they can't win.

Love Peace 6/8/15 20:38

In order to protect their base, they can't push for such extreme things as government ownership of business or a guaranteed wage for all citizens—things they would love to see happen.

Pack Cassiopian 6/8/15 20:39

A human being is, and has always been, an individual. Darwin knew this, and anyone who is really educated will admit this to being true. None of us are alike. Each person is different from another in many, many ways. Trying to force, brainwash, or coerce another person, or persons, to be like you is just wrong.

Deck Hero14 6/8/15 20:40

It is natural to just let them be who they are and accept them a different. To a socialist, this is unimaginable. To a Democrat this is frustrating to say the least.

Only Solidar 6/8/15 20:41

The temptations of socialism are easy to give into as the less productive may vote themselves benefits at the expense of the more productive.

MaskOf Zero 6/8/15 20:42

They cut social security, and have let inequality rise further. Socialists stand for more economic fairness

yobro yobro 6/8/15 20:43

Does that make Democrats socialists. No! Democrats believe in Capitalism

LawrenceSamuels 6/8/15 20:44

Though it is a fact that most dems do have socialistic aims, they can not be defined as socialist because most if not all of the democratic party support capitalism.

John Smith 6/8/15 20:45

do not believe in the so-called “democrats”

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