Gloomy future for the American-style democracy

                                                  The US democracy comes with bombs

According to the leader of the Russian National Security Research, Doc. Igor Bocharnikov, the anti-Americanism is becoming popular in almost nations over the world. The Russian expert said that the sanctions against Russia don’t cause instability in the country and even make Russian society more united and trustful in the Government, not as the West purposes. For example, in a recent referendum, the prestige of the Russian President, Mr. Putin, has always been above 80% and even reached 88% in the end of March.
The high prestige of the President has shown not only that Mr. Putin is a powerful and effective leader, but also all of his work are Russian interests and position in the international arena. Almost Russian citizens support this idea about their President. On the contrary, the prestige of the US President Barack Obama has reached the lowest point since the scandal of Watergate in 1974. In a public survey operated by Reuters and Ipos, a social research organization, about 54% of American has a negative attitude toward Mr. Obama. In the survey, most of the interviewees thought that Mr. Obama is the reason for the US’ s downgarding in the international arena.
Leaders of European countries that support for the US in implementing foreign policies, even in illegal actions, have same problems as President Obama. In the modern politics there is a movement that nationalism-based organizations are having bigger political role in some countries, such as Greece, Spain, France, Germany, England... It’s clear that the prestige is guaranteed not only by leaders’ personal quality, but also their actions to strengthen credibility and protect national interest. In case of the high prestige of President Vladimir Putin, he has put the national interest above all, even the interest of companies, interest groups... Meanwhile, his European counterparts have become hostages of the American democracy that has led to the erosion of national sovereignty and traditional values.
The ideological crisis has started since 2008 due to the global economic downturn that caused by “the American real estate bubbles”. Indeed, the US “Maidan Ukraina” project and the US-led Orange Revolution are the “bubbles” causing unpredicted results and affecting international security interest. As the result, people have to re-estimate some values that have directed the development of the world civilization for a long time.
The US-style freedom has lost its influence and the anti-Americanism has become the national ideology in many countries in international community. And the most typical examples are the recent events in Latin America countries. The US’s position in Asia-Pacific is vulnerable. In the North America and Middle East, the US has enjoined the fruits of the color revolutions. For example, the US has to evacuate entirely its special armed forces and Embassy out of Yemen. Previously, after the victory the color revolution in Libya, the US also had to evacuate Embassy out of this country. All of the US-led revolution has covered almost area of the Middle East and therefore the US may evacuate all of its diplomatic missions in the region.
According to the Russian expert, new values and ideologies will appear. Despite having no name, the new ideological will be based on the maintenance and consolidation of traditional values, from family to civilization. At least in some European countries, the community’s awareness needs such values. In the future, on the intertional political area may appear forces that protect the national and people interests, even isolated emotion. These processes have just started but at this time it can be seen clearly the transfer in ideologies./.

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John Smith 8/8/15 20:48

Democracy must come from people's interests.

Gentle Moon 8/8/15 20:52

the US and its game with democracy have made many countries torn apart

LawrenceSamuels 8/8/15 20:53

I love Putin, the great President

Jane smartnic 8/8/15 20:57

In recent time, the color revolutions have swept poor regions all over world and made them poorer and poorer.

yobro yobro 8/8/15 20:59

Vietnam and the US have a good relationship in trade but we have to be conscious in politics

Deck Hero14 8/8/15 21:01

Be conscious in choosing friends and partners, especially in complicated world today

Love Peace 8/8/15 21:05

the US must show its role as a powerful country in supporting democracy, helping create a more secure, stable, and prosperous global arena

Pack Cassiopian 8/8/15 21:08

the US shouldn't use democracy as means to interfere in other countries' affairs.

MaskOf Zero 8/8/15 21:11

Helping poor people and countries is something the whole world, especially big countries like the US should do.

Only Solidar 8/8/15 21:13

We need more time for the US and its people to understand how better life Vietnamese are having than the real life in the US.

Funny Day 11/8/15 22:53

some Vietnamese people want to enjoy the US-style democracy in Vietnam, but they cann't understand that there are many problems behind it.

Dennis White 11/8/15 22:59

each country has its own features, so we cannot apply the same model to all countries

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