Photo, video contest to mark National Day

Young people at home and abroad, and foreigners living in Vietnam, are encouraged to participate in a photo and video contest launched by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union this week.

The contest is part of the union's activities to celebrate the August Revolution (August 19) and National Day (September 2).

The event, Duoi Bong Co To Quoc (Under the Flag of Vietnam), aims to highlight love for country, and the lives of young people, their dreams and challenges at work.

Images about traditional culture and lifestyle are also encouraged.

Submissions should be no more six photos, both black-and-white and colour, and no more than one minute and 20 seconds for a video.

Organisers will present two first prizes worth 15 million VND (740 USD) each and two second prizes of 10 million VND (500 USD) each in the two categories of photo and video.

Three third prizes of 5 million VND (250 USD) each and dozens of consolation prizes will also be given.-VNA
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Only Solidar 13/8/15 20:13

This activity is very meaningful, I'm going to join and take the prize.

yobro yobro 13/8/15 20:15

Young people now have one more chance to show their love to the country, no matter where they lives.

MaskOf Zero 13/8/15 20:17

the national flag is a sacred symbol which is carried in the heart of every Vietnamese.

Jane smartnic 13/8/15 20:19

Promoting the strength of the entire nation and being determined to build and firmly defend the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Pack Cassiopian 13/8/15 20:21

The red color in the flag is the color of Vietnamese people's blood in the fight to protect and build up the country.

LawrenceSamuels 13/8/15 20:24

I will inform my friends to participate this contest, we really want to

Love Peace 13/8/15 20:25

There is also a massive parade to mark National Day

Gentle Moon 13/8/15 20:28

This year we have a lot of activities to mark the national big events. It is milestone in our national development after the struggle for the independence of the country.

Deck Hero14 13/8/15 20:30

It has been 70 years and Vietnam is becoming a strong nation. But we still have a lot of challenges, especially in protecting the country's sovereignty.

John Smith 13/8/15 20:31

The flag flies and the country is raising high.

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