People have the right to be protected from climate change


Kết quả hình ảnh cho People have the right to be protected from climate change

Although the international community in the international conferences has recognized the link between climate change and human rights, but the law of human rights before the climate change seems very difficult.
Overall, the discussion of the world and outlined ways to respond to climate change mostly based on the calculation of benefits and costs. This problem is highly visible, measurable by econometrics. Moreover, the priority issues in calculating benefits and costs of climate change almost overlap and repeat global issues addressed in the program of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). However, the issue of human rights belongs to the field of social science, or more specifically, the field of ethics, and the calculation of benefits - costs about the relationship between climate change and human rights seems to stop in the speculation.
From the perspective of non-traditional security, international organizations so far have not been able to give an accurate assessment orientation but relied solely on the nature of the scenario assumptions to give the problem that people should be protected from climate change. In terms of ethics, climate change is altering the behavior of man to man, between man and the environment, in which rich countries currently treat unequally poor countries who adverse impact from the environment. This inequal relationship is harming the right to life, right to health, right to human survival. However, there has no effective settlement by international law.

More than ever, people need a right to be protected against the effects of climate change. This requirement is completely justified, setting out the need to quickly modify the system of international law. Protecting people and human rights before the impacts of climate change not only base on the calculation of the cost - benefit, which should base on ethical behavior and responsibility of each individual, each country and the whole world. 
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