Press agencies urged to strictly follow law

The Ministry of Information and Communications on August 19 issued a document requesting press agencies to abide by regulations under the Law on Journalism.

The agencies need to further promote advantages in information work as well as show social responsibility and professional ethics of journalists, says the document.

The ministry will strictly punish press agencies violating legal regulations in press activities and leaders of those where violations exist.

According to Deputy Minister Truong Minh Tuan, over the past time, press agencies have promptly provided information on major criminal cases, contributing to orienting the public opinion, condemning criminal acts and encouraging law enforcement agencies’ fine performance.

However, several newspapers have published inaccurate and sensational information, making a stir among the public, hindering investigations and causing bad effects to society, he added.-VNA
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John Smith 20/8/15 20:55

Law for journalism is very necessary. It creates legal frame for journalists' work

Gentle Moon 20/8/15 20:56

Press agencies must go side by side with the nation in the cause of national construction and play an active role in fulfilling the country’s important tasks

LawrenceSamuels 20/8/15 21:00

Journalists must be the bridges between the Government and people.

Deck Hero14 20/8/15 21:01

There is a need for closer coordination between the authorities and branches at all levels and the press as well as among the national press

Jane smartnic 20/8/15 21:04

With the development of communication technology, everyone is now journalist with their phones and computers. That's very good conditions for journalism.

yobro yobro 20/8/15 21:06

the national press's functions are to guide public opinions and counter wrong information and hostile allegations

Only Solidar 20/8/15 21:08

the national press's functions are to guide public opinions and counter wrong information and hostile allegations

MaskOf Zero 20/8/15 21:11

the press has to connect to every Vietnamese, especially overseas Vietnamese all over the world with right information

Pack Cassiopian 20/8/15 21:12

ress coverage must be comprehensive and truthful, which requires a high sense of social responsibility and citizen duties of every journalist as well as each press agency

Love Peace 20/8/15 21:14

Press has an active role in the fight against corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena

Funny Day 21/8/15 05:50

nowadays, there are too many type of newspapers in Vietnam, so it is difficult to control them.

Williams Melanie 21/8/15 05:55

many newspapers often exploit breaking news and sensational informantion to attract readers.

Davis Caroline 21/8/15 06:00

I don't understand why some international organisations and countries often allege Vietnam's violation of press freedom.

Anthony Jones 21/8/15 06:02

they want to against Vietnam, that is reason.

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