Fishing vessels in China’s strategy to monopolize the East Sea

                                         China using fishing vessels to invade the East Sea

Attacking Vietnamese’s fishing vessels as green lights for thousands of Chinese vessels to work in the East Sea (also called the South China Sea) that is not only a temporary provocation but also a strategic plot of China.
Recently, a fishing vessel of Mr. Nguyen Loi, a Vietnamese fisherman who lives in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai province, was attacked by three Chinese armed vessels in the sea area of Paracel islands. Seriously, all of crew members on Mr. Loi’s vessel were bitten by electric batons; all equipments and fishing tools were destroyed and then seafood was taken away by Chinese.
It becomes more frequently that Chinese vessels attack and drown Vietnamese vessels. After each incident, some organizations or associations had raised their voices to oppose the Chinese vessels’ actions. But there was nothing changed! The important thing is the protection for Vietnamese fishermen when fishing on the East Sea. They are just normal fishermen, they come to the sea for earning and more importantly they are protecting the national sovereignty. But they can’t do so with bare hands, wooden boats and fishing tools. They are not soldiers.
Fishermen are the objects that need to be protected. Because their safety when working in the traditional fishing grounds of Paracel and Spratly Islands is a clear evidence of the national sovereignty of Vietnam over these waters. The fact that Vietnamese fishermen are being chased and attacked and drowned means the Vietnamese national sovereignty is seriously violated. Not being violated once but constantly being violated.
We are calling fishermen to continue their work on the sea, contributing to demonstrate the national sovereignty, but we can’t let our fishermen be attacked and their assets be destroyed. We need more powerful and effective measures beside the opposing voices. China doesn’t listen to our voices or international reactions to their illegal actions. The whole world could see clearly this point, if China really respects international rules and voices, they wouldn’t do things as they did and they are doing.
To gain purposes in the East Sea, China orders to use their vessels attack other countries’ vessels, especially Vietnamese’s ones. Firstly, China wants to threaten Vietnamese fishermen, to make them afraid to sail to the sea for fishing. Secondly, theay want to make ways for thousands of Chinese vessels to fishing freely in the East Sea. The East Sea is now crowded with Chinese vessels and for sure a lot of these vessels shall violate Vietnam waters, such as waters around Paracel and Spratly Islands. The Chinese crowded fleet of fishing vessels shall sweep and take away every thing they meet on their way; Vietnamese marine resources are being robbed publicly. This is unacceptable fact and we need measures to stop and protect our country from the North’s ambition.
China does not only have thousands of fishing vessels but also big forces of marine surveillance and service ships. In comparison to Chinese forces in the East Sea, Vietnamese fishing vessels are so weak and vulnerable. Therefore, the positions and forces of each side in the East Sea dispute are not balanced. If this status continues, the fishing grounds of Vietnamese fishermen will be taken by the Chinese hands.
We can’t put trust in the "impracticable friendship" to lose our living resources./.

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