Do not view history through the hole of a coin

As is traditional when August comes, the entire nation is undertaking various activities in commemoration of fallen and wounded soldiers and revolution contributors who sacrificed their lives, their blood and youth fighting for national independence, peace, freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Surprisingly, some people speak with a different voice in an attempt to distort national history. They consider the national liberation war against American invaders a “civil war” or a “proxy war.” They also say that if the nation had avoided fighting the enemy, the country would have become a “Dragon – a big power.” More dangerously, they call to reconsider the sacrifices of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers and people in the war.
Shameful consideration
An overseas fan-page misrepresents history by saying that the war against US invaders for national independence, freedom and unification was just a “civil war,” and no respect nor gratitude should, therefore, be paid to revolutionary war martyrs, wounded soldiers and those dedicated to the revolution.   
Some boldly call the national salvation war a “proxy war.” Meanwhile, a former Saigon army soldier, currently a writer, even dares to equate the noble sacrifice of revolutionary soldiers and people with the absurd death of Saigon troops in this past war. He keeps saying that the nation “should not praise Vietnamese Heroic Mothers because this could hurt the mothers of dead Saigon army troops!” He and his fellows shamelessly state their belief that the Vietnamese Party and State “should commemorate all dead troops of the war, instead of paying respect and tribute only to revolutionary martyrs.” What is more, they absurdly question “Whether today’s Vietnam is worthy of the sacrifices and losses during the war as well the postwar consequences the nation has been suffering for years?”
At an exchange paying tribute to war martyrs. (Photo for illustration: PANO)
Writer Dong La has published a number of articles criticizing these incorrect views that attempt to re-write undeniable national history. He calls them ‘the short-sighted’, who are indeed viewing history through the hole of a coin. Professor Tran Chung Ngoc, a former Saigon army soldier and an overseas Vietnamese in the USA, strongly condemns those who call the Vietnamese national liberation war a “civil war” or a “proxy war.” He affirms that, from the national viewpoint, any people with common sense can draw the conclusion: “That was a Vietnamese struggle for national independence and unification, which continued the Vietnamese heroic tradition of fighting foreign invaders. The Vietnamese won the war. That is all.” Famous Saigon army General Nguyen Cao Ky, when alive, also acknowledged: “That was the Americans’ war and we [Saigon army troops] were just their mercenaries.”
If so, who else still doubts the great sacrifices of revolutionary troops and people in the war for national independence and freedom? It must be said that the Vietnamese continued their national history of protecting the country, national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. There is no room for any criticism!
Paying gratitude is a philosophy of life
Regarding the sacrifices of revolutionary soldiers during the war, President Ho Chi Minh said that the nation’s returning gratitude to those who sacrificed for the nation’s independence and freedom was a Vietnamese national tradition, a Vietnamese philosophy of life.
He wrote: “Foreign invasion is like a huge flood. It threatens to submerge the entire country. It threatens to wash away people and assets, sinking our parents, our families and all our compatriots. In this dangerous situation, many of our dear youths bravely go to the front. They are ready to sacrifice themselves to create a firm dyke preventing the “savage flood” from harming the rest of the nation. Therefore, war invalids, families of soldiers and martyrs are the very people who contribute to the Fatherland and people. Our duty is to forever remember the noble dedication, pay respect, love them, and generously render support.”
Soviet great leader V. Lenin also wrote: “A revolution is meaningful only when it can protect itself.” In other words, a revolution is seen as really successful only when it can maintain its achievements and values, which should obviously include respecting the sacrifice of revolutionaries.
At the most recent celebration of the anniversary of the liberation of the south and national reunification, President Truong Tan Sang reaffirmed: “We will never allow the nation to fall into slavery in order to become a Dragon/Tiger.” He also said: “Millions of Vietnamese laid down their lives for the sake of national independence and freedom. We should keep it in mind, and we should remind our children that national independence, freedom and peace has been paid for by the blood and bone of revolutionary heroic soldiers and people. All the Vietnamese with common sense should condemn the Vietnamese with this incorrect notion, saying that Vietnam might have become a Dragon/Tiger if it had not fought the foreign invaders. That view, in fact, encourages the Vietnamese people to live a well-off but enslaved life. Those people, in fact, try to distort and trample on our national history.”
Paying respect and gratitude to those who have sacrificed their lives for the Fatherland is considered as a philosophy of life for all nations. Take Russia as an example. Although Russia is now so different from the former Soviet Union in terms of ideology, socio-economic conditions and moral values, the Russian Government and people still honor the great contribution and sacrifice of Soviet soldiers in WWII. At the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism, Russian President Putin made a touching speech on the great and proud sacrifice of Soviet soldiers, as follows: “Our parents and grandparents had to suffer huge losses and uncountable pain. They had to work at full capacity. They fought to the death. They became mirrors of fame and patriotism. We now pay respect and gratitude to those who fought to protect single streets, single homes and the beloved country as a whole. We bow our heads to the memory of the heroes in the past fierce battles.”
The above quote illustrates that any sacrifice for a nation is forever respected and honored. The sacrifice of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers and people must not be an exception. People with common sense should identify revolutionary soldiers’ sacrifice for the nation in wartime from possible weaknesses in peacetime. One should note that the nation has had much to do in the postwar time. It is true that in its effort to reconstruct the war-devastated country, the government consisting of a majority of former warriors have made mistakes and had limitations. But one should not deny another fact that the Vietnamese government and people under the leadership of the Party has reached remarkable achievements in all areas in the past decades. Vietnam is now more prosperous so it is fair enough for the Party, State and people to take more care of revolution contributors as well as highlighting the value of the sacrifice of revolutionary soldiers and people in the past wars.  
In conclusion, the Vietnamese revolutionary people and Army under the leadership of the Party have composed one of the most glorious pages of national history. For today’s independent, unified and developing Vietnam, millions of revolutionaries laid down their lives. One should know that nothing can compare to their sacrifice and paying gratitude and respect to them and their kin is the duty of all Vietnamese people of all generations. What is more, the activities of paying gratitude and respect to fallen revolutionaries aim to educate the next generations in the national patriotic tradition, which makes them respect peace on one hand and ready to defeat any foreign invaders to firmly protect the Fatherland on the other hand. Anyone who still denies the national history due to their misunderstanding and shortsighted views will soon come back to Earth.
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John Smith 17/8/15 15:10

the August Revolution on August 19, 1945. The victory was attributed to the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, which had about 5,000 members at that time.

Gentle Moon 17/8/15 15:11

President Ho Chi Minh wrote about the role of the Party in the August Revolution: “Not only the Vietnamese working class and Vietnamese people but the working class and people of other nations can be proud that for the first time in the history of colonialism, a 15-year-old Party successfully led a revolution and took power nationwide.”

LawrenceSamuels 17/8/15 15:11

the Party designed a national liberation strategy, built a strong revolutionary force, used appropriate tactics, and made correct decisions to embrace opportunities and risks.

Jane smartnic 17/8/15 15:21

The Party was determined to build a strong revolutionary force, especially the political force of the Vietnam Independence Alliance Association. The Party rallied all people for national unity and inspired patriotism and self-reliance.

yobro yobro 17/8/15 15:22

During the uprising, the Communist Party of Vietnam was aware of its leadership and the need to increase the number of its members, strengthen the party organization, and enhance unity and consensus.

Love Peace 17/8/15 15:23

The August Revolution of 1945 was a symbol of revolution and liberation from colonialism.

MaskOf Zero 17/8/15 15:24

The 85-year-old Communist Part of Vietnam now has 4 million members nationwide. Its responsibility to the nation is to lead Vietnamese people to fulfill the renewal process and integrate with the world.

Only Solidar 17/8/15 15:24

Party members must be impartial and unbiased individuals who put the interests of the nation and people first and leave behind their own interests.

Pack Cassiopian 17/8/15 15:25

Party members should uphold the spirit, as their predecessors did during the August revolution. A lesson is that party members are the first people to take up challenges and the last to seek personal enjoyment.

Deck Hero14 17/8/15 15:26

The Communist Party of Vietnam is playing a leading role in Vietnam’s renewal and development.

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