Possessing guns: the right of the US citizens?

The serious shooting that aimed at two journalists who were broadcasting in a live TV program on August 26 has made the US shock. The shooting also shows the fact that the Law of Gun Control is abused frequently. On August 27, the White House strongly condemned the shooting and called on the US Congress to quickly pass the new law of gun control.
On August 26, a Virginia TV news reporter and cameraman were shot dead during a live broadcast Wednesday morning, an incident that has made headlines and stunned TV journalists across the country. The two were reporting from Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Va., a shopping district near Smith Mountain Lake that is about 26 miles east of Roanoke. Parker was delivering a report on the 50th anniversary of the man-made lake. A woman that Parker was interviewing at the time was also injured in the attack and was undergoing surgery, according to WDBJ. As seen in the video below, Parker was interviewing Vicki Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, about the recreation business around the lake when shots rang out. Parker and the interview subject screamed and began to run. Viewers heard continued screams, saw the camera fall and got a very brief glimpse of what are believed to be the legs of the gunman. The gunman was later identified Vester Flanagan, who is 41 years old, color and a former colleague with the two victims.
Speaking at the press conference after the incident, the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest said that the shooting was a clear evidence that showed guns were used freely in the US and the violence caused by guns became popular in communities across the US. He also called the Congress to quickly pass the law for guns control. “There is a general awareness that only the Congress could affect the society to reduce guns violence across America. The Congress need to implement measures strictly, but in respect legal rights of American people. President Obama has been supporting the Congress and also strongly believe the Congress will do this”, he said.
On August 27, the Democratic presidential candidate, Ms Hillary Clinton has urged the United States to act in order to prevent similar incidents from recurring. She also pledged to put the issue as a topic in her election platform.
This is not the first time the White House to call on the Congress to pass the law on guns control. The recent consecutive shootings in the US have made American nervous about the guns control of the authorities. In despite of the Obama Government, the US Congress has not passed the law of guns control yet. The head of the White House expressed that this is the biggest disappointment in his presidential term from 2009 up to date. However, President Obama announced that he will continue his effort to get things done even there is not much hope of the progress.
With 310 million of guns on the market, the US is one of the countries whose citizens use most weapons in the world. Guns currently are ranked 13th in the list of reasons causing death in the US annually. According to statistics, the sales of guns in the US reach $ 3.5 billion per year. In the UN’s survey, there had been 88.000 American people died because of guns violence from 2003 to 2010.
In 1994, the US Congress passed a law banning 10 years for trafficking and possessing 19 striking weapons. From 2004 the time when the law was expired, the Republican has strongly opposed all suggestions of restricting guns sales. Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) with its 4.5 million members has responded that every measures of restricting guns will violate the constitutional rights of people. Indeed the gun sale is one of the most profitable jobs, and therefore they will never give it up. This is why lobby groups are always trying to persuade MPs to protect the interests of their groups.
According to the US police, the gunman has died after shooting himself when the police pursued. One of the reasons for Flanagan’s shooting is the dissatisfaction with the racism in the US as well as the treatment of the TV channel to the color members.
In the US society is now having a lot of troubles that easily cause the anger for citizens and deadly incidents. The US have to solve the problems to protect its citizens and social orders and security./.

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