Master key of Vietnam tourism

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Master key of Vietnam tourism
In 2010, there were 2.1 million foreign visitors to Vietnam and by 2014, this figure was 7.8 million. Looking at the figures, it is easy to imagine the miraculous growth. But if you know that in 2010, Cambodia tourism welcomed less than half a million visitors; by 2014, they welcomed 4.5 million tourists, whether the development of our tourism is still magical or not? And if you understand more about how to make tour of Cambodia, people would not surprise if the current situation of Vietnam's tourism growth is falling steadily during the past years. To promote growth of smokeless industry in two key areas of tourism including Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the Departments of Tourism were established. In particular, the Hanoi Tourism Department was officially born on July 28.
With the establishment of a specialized agency, Hanoi wants ro raise tourism development in commensuration with the potential. With a history of over 1,000 years, Hanoi with the beauty of the ancient architecture in harmony with French colonial architecture, but it does not lose peaceful and poetic looks of the old village… Many famous tourist pages such as TripAdvisor, Momondo rank Hanoi in the most attractive tourist cities in the world. During the last time, Hanoi Tourism has made impressive achievements. In 2014, there were three million visitors, far exceeding its objectives. However, it must show that the growth rate has slowed. Although in the first six months of 2015, visitors to Hanoi still grow well with international visitors reached more than 1.5 million, but in the first three months alone, the number of international visitors to Hanoi reduced to 14.1%. It warned many issues that Hanoi tourism is facing. There was a fact that two bowl of Pho were for 800 thousand VND occurred in the Capital recently as an example. The images about hawkers who follow tourists become an obsession when visitors come to Hanoi. Hanoi has thousands of heritages but tourists to Hanoi only visit puppetry and dark night market. Tourist villages only include Bat Trang pottery village, Van Phuc silk village. Moreover, environmental pollution in downtown area as Hoan Kiem Lake makes the volunteer team working constantly. It does not mention the environmental problems in rural areas and trade villages.
Hanoi Tourism Department is expected to become the focal to solve the above problems, creating new impetus to Hanoi tourism. However, Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general is also undeniable that although there are specialized agencies, tourism is a multidisciplinary field of economy. We can not ignore the responsibility of agencies in solving the evil of theft, environmental pollution, construction of commercial civilization... More a specialized agency will be more investment to develop and clarify responsibilities, vision and capacity, but is not the master key. Although there was a unit to advise, plan and deploy, Hanoi tourism still needs the cooperation in different fields to develop friendly environment for tourism.

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