Children - the blossom of the country

                                                   President Ho Chi Minh and children

"Children are like buds on the branches
It’s very good to know how to eat and study”
The verse, which was filled with love of Uncle Ho for children, has shaken every hearts of Vietnamese people. As we all knows, whenever the international children day (May 1st) came, Uncle Ho would visit or greet children to the Presidential Palace and his house. Uncle’s heart for children is also the soul and feeling of the nation for the young generations.
In the history, wars, invasions, floods and famine have deprived our country from having enough food for everyone, but the elders have always spent the last rice for children. In the war time, all goods were strictly provided by bills, but the children were among subjects that are easy to access food. In the beginning of the country’s independence, our Party and State had decided that besides combating hunger, backwardness, invaders, we have to build a new education system to raise young generations to global elite levels. For 30 lingering years of war, which was full of sacrifice and difficulties, the education system had been developing and training many brave and patriotic people who had enough strength and knowledge to protect and build up the country.
When the country is at peace, the education system and a lot of policies to protect and take care of children have been created uniformly all over the country. Various forms have been set up to implement children educational polices likes schools, pioneers clubs, cultural houses, funds... with the participation of the youths, women, elders. At the time of the market economy, the children education has also been developed quickly with a lot of entertainment, health care and education forms.
Despite lost of improvements, the changes of social conditions and demands of children have shown gaps and shortcomings in policy system that needs to be filled and renovated. Especially, at the moment, places for children to study and play are very few. Not only in cities, but also rural and remote areas are seriously lacking of standard infrastructures and teachers. Even we haven’t balanced our investment in education, sometimes we buy more computers but narrowed the school yard and garden. In cities, citizens and children are getting crowded day by day and the demands for entertainment are higher, but there are not much places for us to build schools and parks for children.
“Children are like buds on the branches”, this narrowly means that we have to satisfy every demands of children, but it’s a big mistake and a lot of people are involved in this one. There are many reasons for this, such as the pressure of earning money to parent, social competition… and the pressure on children about results of their study at the school. Children must have rights and conditions to play, to learn skills and what they are interested in.
In Vietnam, the social educational services are developing quickly with a lot of forms with high quality, which are prior to study along with play, closeness to environment and other needed skills. The Government is also playing an important role in implementing these activities. Da Nang has just spent its golden area for building school and park; Ha Noi is creating playing grounds for children like fairs or festivals are among typical evidences of Government’s care for children in Vietnam… Vietnam is doing its best to create favorable conditions for the development of Vietnamese children./.

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Vân Nhàn 6/6/15 16:10

Life is much better for the 26 million Vietnamese children today than it was just two decades ago.

Hoàng Lân 6/6/15 16:11

children’s basic needs are being satisfied

Huy Quốc 6/6/15 16:13

Viet Nam recently developed its own child-specific approach to poverty, based on basic needs like education, health, shelter, social inclusion and protection

Quân Hoàng 6/6/15 16:15

Vietnamese children are now having good conditions to develop and study as much as foreign children.

Hùng Quân 6/6/15 16:19

The Government will soon introduce regulations that encourage more Vietnamese families to provide foster care for disadvantaged children

Phạm Hiếu 6/6/15 16:21

Viet Nam is in the process of completing its legal framework on childcare and protection, and plans to add regulations on provision of foster care.

Lê Tín 6/6/15 16:23

Children are the future of country, they need to be taken care and taught well to be ready when they will be the owners of the country

Quốc Kiên 6/6/15 16:24

About 22,000 children are under institutional care and 170,000 under foster care. About 6,000 Vietnamese children are adopted each year.

Quốc Cường 6/6/15 16:25

the country needs to develop more effective monitoring and supervising systems for alternative care delivery so as to ensure the safety and well being of the disadvantaged children.

Huy Lâm 6/6/15 16:26

Successfully nurturing a child into adulthood is one of the most important functions of family life and one of the foundation blocks of any good society, anywhere in the world

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