The sacred flag-raising ceremony

                         Athlete Dao Van Thuy was saluting the Vietnamese raising flag in the 28th Seagames

On Monday morning in Vietnam, almost offices, units, schools, companies... hold simultaneously flag-raising and singing national anthem ceremony. This is meaningful activity that teaches Vietnamese people about patriotism, the pride of nation... Recently, in the 28th Seagames in Singapore, while Vietnamese athlete, Dao Van Thuy, was competing in his game, Vietnamese flag-raising and singing national anthem ceremony was hold to salute another Vietnamese athlete for gaining Seagames gold medal. Thuy immediately stopped his game to salute the raising flag, after that all audiences in the stadium witnessed this scene had stand up and saluted the Vietnamese flag. Thuy’s acitivity has affected strongly not only people were in the stadium, but also a lot of people watch him on mass media and social networks, and become the most beautiful image of the 28th Seagames so far.
In recent time, the implementation of Decree 145/2013/ND-CP of the Government on organization of anniversaries that stipulates delegates who attend the flag-raising ceremony have to  sing national anthem, have been improved so much. However, at some flag-raising rites, we have been using music with lyric, therefore participants sing the national anthem incorrectly or even don’t sing. Realizing this problem, the Central Commission for Propaganda has issued the Article 2240 which stipulates all levels of the Party, Government, Father Front and all political-social organizations have to strictly implement the singing national anthem in the flag-raising ceremony. In addition, in the flag-raising ceremony in schools, training centers, universities, colleges... all teachers and students wear uniform and sing national anthem; other offices and units, basing on practical conditions, are stimulated to carry the ceremony weekly on Monday...
The flag-raising and singing national anthem are sacred ceremonies, showing the pride of nation, the love and responsibility to the country, the people as well as teaching revolutionary ideal for officers, communist members, all classes of people, especially the young generation. Following the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh and under the red flag with yellow star, Vietnamese people, as one bloc, have been afraid of nothing to fight for independence and freedom of the nation. Raising up from a colony with no name on the map of the world, the struggle for national liberation in the form of wars have brought the independence to our country, the freedom and ownership of the country to our people. The two prolonged wars as well as the process of building the country, the national flag has been saturated with blood of many Vietnamese generations with the utmost desire and determination of “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”.
The flag-raising and singing national anthem ceremonies also show the sense of self-esteem, the soul of independence and freedom, the solidarity of each nation and country. They also show the pride and responsibility of each citizen to nation and the people. To strictly implement the singing the national anthem in the flag-raising ceremony, all offices, units, companies... we need propaganda widely to raise awareness and educate everyone the sacred meaning of the salute of the flag and singing national anthem. There is also a need to educate everyone how to sing national anthem correctly. Therefore, the national anthem will be sung strongly, smoothly and beautifully in the hearts of each Vietnamese people with the pride and responsibility to the nation. Singing national anthem in the flag-raising ceremony should be taught widely and implemented strictly at all offices, units, schools and provinces in Vietnam./.

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