The problem of stealing information

Just sitting tight in an air-conditioned room and registering an international domain, many who make website content can earn tens to hundreds of million VND per month by copying newspaper stories and ads tied Google (Google AdSense). By using modern technology, businesses can now advertise through Google services such as put the messages and information about their ads on a Google advertising icon; this icon will be placed on the website of the company's partners. The work of those who “steal information” is creating the site, disturbing content on newspapers to attract readers and collect money from the reader clicks on the ad content.
Consequently, the true journalists themselves work hardly to make their attractive articles (sometimes it may take a few weeks, few months to produce the work). But those who “steal information” just sitting at home, copying, and posting it on their website to attract readers.
During the last time, the Ministry of Information and Communications has made strong measures to clean “internet garbage” for protecting the rights of true journalists... However, they always find tricks and require managers to regularly update the technology to prevent bad behavior.
Vietnam has about 700 newspapers and magazines, every company and organization also has its own website. Basically, we have enough information to provide to citizens. On the other hand, an editor has ever questioned that the websites of enterprise should only post information about their business, but how can they arbitrarily post the information on politics, economics, society ... as an orthodox newspaper?
Next, it needs advocacy and clear rules about consciousness and obligations of the company as advertising services: Business must have the cultural, ethical regulations. They are unacceptable to abet those who “steal” the fruits of others’ labor. This requires the entry of the relevant authorities and domestic and foreign enterprises relating to advertising activities in Vietnam. It should also take into account the technical measures to block overseas websites which arbitrage synthetic content from the local newspapers...
Newspapers have increasingly important role in the process of building and defending the Fatherland. However, if we want to promote that role, it is indispensable that the reporter dare aggressively into life to gather objective information, keep themselves far from the temptations of material ... Therefore, in order to make press more qualitative and more useful, media practitioners need the authorities to quickly handle those who profit from their own labor.

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Williams Melanie 26/6/15 05:52

Two sides on a coin, internet offers many advantages but also causes many problems that are sometimes very dangerous.

Davis Caroline 26/6/15 05:56

It’s right, the Goverment should take measures to limit it's negative effect, including strictly punishing those who cary out illegal activities on internet.

Anthony Jones 26/6/15 06:04

But it’s not easy beacause they often use cunning means to get lucrative through internet

Elizabeth Green 26/6/15 06:15

it 's neccessary to control the internet because of everyone's interests, including the true journalists. nowadays many articles without content report on the sensational issues to attract readers.

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