Dangerous plots in the name of human rights and democracy


After the fall of socialist regimes in Soviet and East Europe, hostile forces joyfully assume that opportunity has come to put an end for the socialism in the world. Due to rapid change of situation, the classical method of violence and forces to invade and overthrow other regime has become obsolete. Peaceful process with disguises of democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press or political pluralism is considered as typical tactics and included into main agenda and key factors of foreign policy in the post-Cold War by the West. The U.S. and Western countries use these tactics as effective ways of imposing their values of democracy and human rights in Vietnam and some other countries in the world, in an attempt to change the countries’ socialist regime and bring them into their orbit. They want to reestablish the world order in their favor.
 Actually, they are so arrogant to self-claim that they are more superior than other, and their culture is center of global culture, top of democracy and only them have rights to spread so-called values of democracy and human rights for the rest of the world which they consider underdeveloped. And if some don’t follow or refuse to accept their values, they will list these countries as “countries for particular concerns of demecracy and freedom”. Doing that, they claim themselves as true representatives of democracy and human rights, examples of economic and cultural development which others must follow. Moreover, they rudely interfere into independent countries’ internal affairs, force developing countries into their orbit and arrange at their own will by commitments of economic aids, humanitarian supports.
 They don’t recognize and care about differences between nations, peoples and regions or between the West and the East. They try to spread their waves of democracy and human rights to other areas, try to make others accept that only western model of democracy and human rights is global standard. These prejudice and allegations have implemented by many violent acts, aggressive initiatives including “the peaceful process” to counter terrorism and defend western values of democracy and human rights.
 They have spread theory of democracy without border and human rights above sovereignty and considered that standards to conduct new interventionism. Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria… are examples of their experience’s results. However, after many promises, what they have brought for those countries are bloodshed, violence and losses, there’s no peace, democracy or human rights. They, instead of being distributors of democracy and human rights, are actual taking rights of sovereignty, indepedence and innocent lives.
 To Vietnam, they have sought ploys of inciting anti-Vietnam and reactionary elements to mobilize and conduct activities against the Party and State of Vietnam. They have tried to cause troubles from hot issues, especially issues related to religions and ethnic minorities. Their activities aim to cause politic disorder and even a coup if possible. In the name of democracy and human rights, they’ve self-proclaimed many proposals, resolutions and bills of human rights for Vietnam. Do they really care for Vietnam’s human rights and democracy? I doubt that!
 We must understand human rights and democracy are plots which hostile forces have used to serve a purpose of overthrowing the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, practicing the pluralism and multiparty regime in our country. They’ve tried to distort and slander our State and Party of lacking democracy and violating human rights and rights of religion and belief in order to incite reactionary elements inside the country to protest against the State and Party.
 Vietnam has been through two patriotic wars to liberate and free ourself from colonialism and imperialism, so we deeply understand how valuable freedom and independence are. We know who is friend or foe?
 Truth is truth, no one can deny it. After 30 years of the Renewal initiated by the Communist Party of Vietnam, our country has gained many significant and historic achievements. Our country’s position has been gradually hightened in international arena. Life of 90 millions people has been significantly improved. International friends and tourists can see a truth that Vietnam has profoundly changed. We have a stable politics, a sound society, and we truly live and work in peace, freedom and democracy. We want no more western style of democracy and human rights. Let come to Vietnam, we will show you that!./.
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Huy Quốc 3/6/15 22:05

Yeah, we need to alert of their schemes to overthrow our regime and destroy our revolutionary achievements.

Hoàng Lân 3/6/15 22:08

The fall of Soviet Union and East European socialist regimes doesn't mean the socialism is worse than the capitalism.

Vân Nhàn 3/6/15 22:10

I agree with Hoang Lan, capitalist nations are now learning much from the socialiam.

Hùng Quân 3/6/15 22:12

We must understand human rights and democracy are plots which hostile forces have used to serve a purpose of overthrowing the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, there's nothing good!

Quân Hoàng 3/6/15 22:14

Don't listen and follow any activities held by their hostile elements!

Lê Tín 3/6/15 22:16

The government must have methods of managing and monitoring operation of other organizations like NGOs...

Quốc Cường 3/6/15 22:18

Truth is undeniable, no one can reject it. After 30 years, the Communist Party of Vietnam has lead the country to many significant and historic achievements.

Huy Lâm 3/6/15 22:23

Let kick those reactionary individuals out of the country.

Quốc Kiên 3/6/15 22:27

Those are overseas Vietnamese who want to contribute for the country need to understand these plots and ploys. Don't do anything harmful for your country.

Phạm Hiếu 3/6/15 22:30

These tricks are not so strange. They have been using them to conduct many activities for their own benefits for many years.

Phu Chem 4/6/15 06:10

Vietnam was elected a member of the UN Human Rights Council 2014-2016 term with the highest result that shows the recognition of internation community for human rights archivements of Vietnam

Trần Bướng 4/6/15 06:13

in Vietnam, everybody can do what they like as long as their actions dont't violate the laws

Rực Rỡ 4/6/15 06:16

some people take advantage of the struggle for democracy and human rights in order to profit for themselves

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