Those who go against committed principles (Part 1)

Joint Declaration between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam President and President in 2013 said that: “The two leaders stressed the principles of comprehensive partnership relations between USA and Vietnam, including respect for the UN Constitution, international law, political institutions, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity”. However, basing on some events taking place recently, it seems that part of the American political circles is going against the committed principles.
On May 15, a newsletter on the RFA said: In three days from May 15 to 17 in Singapore, Radio Free Asia (RFA) combined with terrorist organization “Viet Tan” and “Article 19” conducted training course for a new propaganda medium; at the same time organizing for participants to meet and discuss directly with the human rights organization. Attending the training course included more than 30 people from Vietnam and international organizations. It is noteworthy that the people who directly trained this course were Director of Vietnamese program on RFA, Director of SBTN, technical expert of the terrorist organization “Viet Tan”, Asia Article 19, condinator in charge of Asia region of RSF. These organizations and individuals are inherent hostility, or very unfriendly to Vietnam. They often slander, distort, and tell lie on human rights issue in Vietnam. This event showed that RFA, SBTN, RSF... do not only blatantly challenge public opinion, but also publicly shake hands with a terrorist organization “Viet Tan” to organize activities against Vietnam. One can not help asking that: With the predecessor was “propaganda radio of the US government” and now it is funded by an annual federal funds by the Board of Directors of radio operator”, whether RFA dare go beyond the requirements of their sponsor?

Looking at their process, the organization of training by RFA is not alone, that is the extended sequence of operations that part of American politics, with a number of organizations and individuals who are hostile, unfriendly to Vietnam. They conducted a series of activities during late April and early May of 2015, in which standing out activity was trying to turn some bloggers to operate violated the law and falsely accused Vietnam. In April 2015, when referring to Vietnam, 2015 report of the US Commission of international religious freedom (USCIRF) launched the evaluation distorting views and policies of the Vietnamese State on religious freedom and recommended the US Department of Foreign Affairs to put Vietnam on the list of “countries of particular concern for religious freedom” (CPC). On the day of World Press Freedom Day on May 1st in the White House, President B.Obama recieved three journalists from three countries where called “violation of press freedom”, including a Vietnamese who must receive 12 years in prison sentence for violating the law. Also on this occasion, the US Department of Foreign Affairs launched a campaign demanding “press release” and May 5th announcement, Minister of Foreign J.Kerry called for “immediate release imprisoned journalists”, including Ta Phong Tan - bloggers are serving sentence on charges of propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. On April 30th, MPs C.Smith on behalf of the MPs sent Human Rights Subcommittee (Foreign Relations Committee - House of Representatives), the so-called “Vietnam Human Rights Bill” (HR. 2140), and on May 14th, Subcommittee on Human Rights adopted that “bill”, continuing submit to the Foreign Relations Committee. It is worth saying that it has not been five times proposed and adopted at a higher level but congressmen sponsored HR. 2140 has not abandoned the idea. Even through the so-called HR. 2140, they also made some unreasonable demands and protest human rights, including human rights as a condition for US to sell military equipments to Vietnam; educational exchange programs, cultural exchanges between the US and Vietnam to promote freedom and democracy; Vietnam should be considered as a country must particularly concerned about freedom of religion ...
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Funny Day 6/6/15 02:04

almost international human rights organizations like HRW, AI, CPJ, are sponsored by the US and some other countries in order to serve their political intentions

that's right. so their reports about the situation of human rights in countries are often not exact, even severily distorded

Rực Rỡ 6/6/15 02:11

that is why those reports are strongly criticized by countries which is named

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