Singaporean PM confident on ASEAN Community formation

                             ASEAN leaders hold hands for the traditional ASEAN handshakeSingaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is confident the ASEAN Community will be established by the end of this year, but added the quality of ASEAN integration will depend on how it resolves outstanding issues, including the territorial dispute in East Sea.

The PM was quoted by Singaporean press as saying that the dispute in East Sea, while directly affecting four of the ASEAN countries, indirectly affects the entire bloc, because it is a security issue in the middle of Southeast Asia.

He stressed ASEAN’s stand is that ASEAN should be negotiating a Code of Conduct (COC), adding “we are in the process of doing this”.

The PM added if the dispute is not resolved peacefully and in accordance with the 1982 United Nations Convention on Law of Sea (UNCLOS), Singapore will be affected.

Relating to the group’s formation process, the PM expressed hope that the bloc will meet the target on time but the quality will depend on the 10 country members’ efforts.

He highlighted that the formation of the AEC will be “a very big step”, but beyond that ASEAN needs to think about next steps in regional integration and cooperation.-VNA
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Quốc Cường 7/6/15 21:40

Asean countries are making good progress in implementing blueprints for a more integrated region

Phạm Hiếu 7/6/15 21:42

I agree with Mr. Long, we need a strong push over the finish line

Huy Lâm 7/6/15 21:47

ASEAN is a shared house and we must be united on shared issues like East Sea dispute.

Lê Tín 7/6/15 21:49

The next step is for us to develop more cooperative projects to connect ASEAN countries

Hùng Quân 7/6/15 21:51

we have to deepen economic cooperation, for example by tackling more challenging behind-the-border issues like non-tariff barriers

Quốc Kiên 7/6/15 21:52

This vision is of ASEAN as a concert of Southeast Asian nations, outward looking, living in peace, stability and prosperity, bonded together in partnership in dynamic development and in a community of caring societies.

Vân Nhàn 7/6/15 21:53

The AEC is envisaged as a single market and production base with a free flow of goods, services, investment, skilled labour and a freer flow of capital in the year 2020

Quân Hoàng 7/6/15 21:55

officials have discussed making Asean processes more efficient to allow for more time for meaningful discussions

Hoàng Lân 7/6/15 21:56

For ASEAN to achieve the AEC, a conducive political and security environment is essential.

Huy Quốc 7/6/15 22:00

We're on the path of regional integration and we will achieve this goal together with our best effort.

Funny Day 7/6/15 23:42

actually, the East Sea issue is the biggest challenge threatening the solidarity and unity of ASEAN

Phu Chem 7/6/15 23:48

almost ASEAN country members have more realized the East Sea dispute threats to the peace, stability in the area, therefore will affect their national interest

but there is one country member still trying to support China, what a ridiculous and absurd.

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