Press freedom: Differences and Arguments


One of key issues of human rights is freedom of speech. Democracy in expression is that people have freedom to show their opinions and the press freedom demonstrates the most of it. About this issue, excluding unkind allegations, we must admit that there’s still a lot of differences and misunderstandings between Vietnam and Western countries. These differences are profound, but, in general there are two aspects. The first is different understanding of press freedom. And, the second is lack of knowledge about the ground in which the press freedom is formed. In context many hostile forces use this freedom as an excuse to accuse our government of violating human rights, we want to discuss about this freedom:
 Firstly, we must know that press is a part in the political system of every country. So, the political system will decide characteristics of press freedom in each country. Western nations are mostly multi-party system. Parties politically compete and fight each other for leadership. Parties fight. Parties-led governments must also fight and reject each other. The press are a political organ and speaker of each party, funded by the party, so it has responsibility to positively propagate for its party and disclose incompetence and negative aspects of opposite parties. In that process, people can know a lot of secret things through the press, so that may be why they misjudge the press freedom in the West.
 For example, in U.S., a country is famous for its symbol of democracy and human rights, there are many parties operating equally before law. But, in reality, there are just two parties, the Democratic and Republican party, which represent for capitalists, big corporations with wealthy pockets, take leadership in turns. Because the press are voices of different parties, in elections they freely speech and expose illegal activities of other parties, even involve in attempt to overthrow opposite parties’ president.
However, each party and its press are forced to ensure the U.S. interests and prestige. And, in this case there’s no freedom of press at all. The press must speak what the administration allows. Apparently, we can easily see that, for now, there’s still no precise report of the number of the death and how victims’ family’s tragedies? How many U.S. soldiers died in Iraq or specific reports of torture of the detainee in Guatanamo prison or especially, about the U.S. spying programs of its allies, etc. Those are things what the press aren’t allowed to publicize or say opposite with official reports, even in America. There is a visible example of the Snowden incident, you can see how the U.S. administration treat to those who wants to publicize their secrets, who refuses to abide by the rules. So, though the press can write many things, it doesn’t mean Western countries are freer than others in press. The press, in its essence, serves and belongs to one particular political force and must be loyal to it.
 Vietnam is not an exception. The press of the socialist political system found and led by the Communist Party of Vietnam must speak the Party’s voice and operate for benefits of the Party and people, and it must helps fight against disadvantages and obstacles  to the Party. It’s an obvious principle, and those who reject it know nothing about press and politics. Differ from other countries, Vietnam does not follow multi-party system. In Vietnam, there is only one party, the Communist Party of Vietnam, a ruling party which receives people’s trust. And, as a part of the political system under the Party’s leadership, the press has its own rights and responsibilities of spreading the political guideline and policies of the Party and State, reflecting feedback and impacts of these policies to society, counseling and completing them by gathering public opinions, and fighting against false and hostile allegations. So, saying that the Vietnam’s press doesn’t have freedom because it serves one party is totally wrong. No news agency serves two parties in a same time and no press organization stands outside the political system. The important thing is the Party that the press belongs to serves for whom, represents for whose interests. The Communist Party of Vietnam set its ultimate priority is to serve the people and operate for the natural interests. That is also the top priority of the Vietnam’s press.
 All over the world, some countries use laws, some don’t but the management of the press must be tightened. Vietnam uses laws to supervise the press, that does not restrict press freedom but pave the way for the press development. So, how to spread and manage information is each countries’s rights and specific feature in harmony with its situation, conditions and political stance, others don’t have rights to interfere of undermine that./.
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Hùng Quân 9/6/15 21:26

I agree with this article, every country has its own political system, its characteristics and viewpoint of press freedom.

Vân Nhàn 9/6/15 21:29

While press freedom mostly implies the absence of interference from an overreaching state, its preservation may be sought through constitutional or other legal protections.

Quốc Cường 9/6/15 21:30

Yes, it means press freedom must be guaranteed by laws.

Huy Lâm 9/6/15 21:36

And every nation has its own laws in accordance with its real situation of mass media, no one, no forces can interfere.

Quân Hoàng 9/6/15 21:39

I think Western countries should review themselves, in their countries there are still many incidents that have violated press freedom, like America for example.

Phạm Hiếu 9/6/15 21:43

Edward Snowden and Julian Assange incidents are shames and embarrassment for the U.S. press freedom. Don't you think?

Lê Tín 9/6/15 21:45

So free, so funny for U.S., Pham Hieu!

Quốc Kiên 9/6/15 21:49

The press is a part in the political system of every country. So, the political system will decide characteristics of press freedom in each country.

Huy Quốc 9/6/15 21:54

Why U.S. and Western countries claim themselves rights to decide which country has press freedom and democracy, which country has no, so ironical!

Hoàng Lân 9/6/15 21:56

There's no absolute press freedom in any country, don't expect that, even in American Dream!

in Vietnam there are so many kind of newspapers, why says Vietnam hasn't got press freedom?

Rực Rỡ 9/6/15 23:59

that's right, and Vietnam is also one of the countries with the largest internet users, that demonstrates freedom of the press is guaranteed

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