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Whenever a dangerous disease happens, means of mass communication always give priorities to inform about the situation of prevention and every movement...
However, full and accurate information is the important requirements from both a preventive factor as well as the impact of information on the economic life of society. Neglecting with information about disease or incomplete information may lead to the subjectiveness while prevention service requires not only the healthcare service but also many as the whole society. However, exaggerating the risks could cause unnecessary panics, adversely affect production - trade, service... Therefore, before the announcement of the pandemic as SARS, H5N1, influenza A / H1N1 or Ebola... governments around the world have to consider very carefully. There have been doubts after the European Council conducted an investigation lasting several months, said the severity of the pandemic influenza A / H1N1 was exaggerated by the the World Health Organization (WHO), leading to the mass vaccination campaigns throughout the world, causing great waste. It was said that the pharmaceutical companies had pocketed 7 billion USD by selling anti-flu drugs and vaccines.
In Vietnam, it also had a debate about how to properly call the nature of acute diarrhea or cholera. There is a fact that this is a matter of medical expertise but people are not fully informed so people sometime feel bewildered so that we had to temporarily abandon shrimp sauce. Now is a time of worldwide pandemics MERS-CoV but as a physician at Children's Hospital 1 in Co Chi Minh City said that while the pandemic is hanppening complicatedly in Korea then in Vietnam, where regularly hosts 3,000 person / day from endemic areas, beside people who regularly update information, many others do not know about the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. This means that communication about the disease has not yet been enforced.
And so, some people are more anxious everyday with sensational headlines with the adjective, verb subjective as “shaken”, “terror”, there are also as many people neglect before the information about the disease.

Full information requires not only external communications strategy but also basically capable consultation, evaluation, assessment accuracy with high qualifications of Medicine. Thus the prevention of new epidemics obtains good results.
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