How to improve capacity of the online newspaper?


With the development of the Internet, the online newspaper has flourished and become an important source of information in social life. It has changed entirely the face of journalism in Vietnam.
Nowadays, as analysts’ assessment, there has been a new concept of “citizen journalism”, blurring the boundaries with professional press to give equal opportunity to everyone. Reading habits have changed drastically from printed newspapers to electronic newspaper on personal computer, and now to tablet and smart phone with the trend of multi-sources approach. Readers also request higher quality of the content and appearance of the newspaper. Number of readers has increased sharply and covered even the poor class that previously not able to read the newspaper.
Social information networks have taken the lead and gained all forums, markets and readers of the official journalism. Every hour, a big range of online newspapers issue news very fast, but without hesitation, consideration to social interest and careful scrutiny of cultural, ideological and political values that sometimes affect badly spiritual values of the nation and community. Parallel with the mainstream online newspapers, there are a lot of general electronic information websites that are not under legal management. This has led to the widespread problem of copyright an intellectual property infringement and also ignorance of professional ethics.
The role of journalism as the only bridge no longer exists, because the Internet has provided simple and productive means for publishing such as blog, social network sites and exclusive information sites. Readers are now able to connect to expects and the knowledge that they need to know. The electronic presses have become “supermarkets” of the purposes of use. Some online presses are just focusing on number and speed of news and don’t care much about quality that badly affects mainstream and serious newspapers.
This is great challenge for the operational methods of reporters, demanding big change in the operational way of press publishers. There is a need to build a range of standards for online newspaper including registration to management offices. And the accuracy of information must be highly respected to attract reader back to mainstream journalism.
For managers, they must update new skills and be equipped with new technologies to be able to quickly analysis and decide issues in the process of operation. They should also apply new way of management that could react quickly, precisely to wrong, distorted information on the social networks. Especially, they must uphold the mainstream role in orienting public opinion.
On the other hand, we should classify all forms of journalism for better support for presses that depend on political news related to the Party and Government; strengthening the management of the Government to journalism, media and social network to reset a new and better order of Vietnam’s journalism; implementing measures on all fields of administration, technology and especially propaganda to raise awareness of Internet users to be able to filter all kinds of information./.

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Love Peace 26/6/15 21:54

This is an urgent need to ensure the source of information for everyone.

Only Solidar 26/6/15 21:56

We have a lot of online newspaper and it's hard to manage well

Pack Cassiopian 26/6/15 21:57

We now usually update the information by reading online newspapers.

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