OV intellectuals make recommendations on economic integration

Many overseas Vietnamese intellectuals recommend measures to improve Vietnam's competitiveness. (Credit: nld.com.vn)
Overseas Vietnamese intellectuals and experts gathered at a forum in Hanoi on June 7, contributing their opinions to the country’s economic development and integration orientations during 2016-2020.
Themed “Improving Vietnam’s competitiveness in the global economy”, the forum was co-organised by the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission, the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, and the Foreign Ministry.
Speaking at the event, Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan said that Vietnam has gained countless achievements in all fields as a result of the nearly 30-year renewal (Doi Moi) process, but various weaknesses have also revealed themselves, which affected the country’s competitiveness in the international arena.
Weaknesses must be removed or strengthened to ensure the country’s development on the right track and successful integration, she said, whilst praising the move to hear the opinions of overseas Vietnamese intellectuals, many of whom are working for prestigious universities, research institutes, transnational economic groups and international organisations.
Their knowledge, experience and skills have contributed to the country’s fast and sustainable growth, she said, adding that the Party and State always appreciate these valuable contributions.
At the forum, overseas Vietnamese intellectuals joined their domestic colleagues and policy makers in discussing the growth model reform, economic restructuring, human resources training and science and technology application in order to raise Vietnam’s competitiveness.
They also shared other countries’ experience in industrialisation and modernisation.
They proposed annual or more frequent organisation of a Business Forum for both domestic and overseas intellectuals, experts and scientists.


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Quân Hoàng 8/6/15 12:24

‘Where you are’ less important than ‘what you do’

Huy Quốc 8/6/15 12:25

the future of Vietnam will be determined by the efforts of each Vietnamese person.

Hoàng Lân 8/6/15 12:26

Abroad, many OVs, including students, often wonder, “Should we return home to contribute to the country’s development?”

At home, the Vietnamese government has rolled out the red carpet for OV investors.

But in fact, where a person lives is not more important than what they can do for the homeland, no matter whether they are inside or outside Vietnam

Vân Nhàn 8/6/15 12:26

they regularly get information related to the country's sovereignty and are united with people in the homeland to struggle for the protection of sovereignty

Hùng Quân 8/6/15 12:28

Most Vietnamese in Canada are usually ready to support fundraising campaigns or other activities with the theme of “Toward the Homeland,”

Lê Tín 8/6/15 12:29

MAny other Thai businessmen often seek business opportunities in central Vietnamese provinces, where they can arrive from Thailand by crossing through Laos.

Quốc Cường 8/6/15 12:31

Vietnam has plenty of business opportunities for foreign investors, and I often introduce the positive changes in Vietnam to other OVs and encourage them to invest in the country

Huy Lâm 8/6/15 12:32

the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia has provided Vietnamese there with information about Vietnam’s seas and islands, said Tran Phu Thuan, standing deputy chairman of the Vietnamese Association in the European country.

Quốc Kiên 8/6/15 12:33

The Overseas Vietnamese community have made major contributions to Vietnam’s development, especially after the implementation of a resolution of the Political Bureau on overseas Vietnamese (OV) affairs a decade ago.

Phạm Hiếu 8/6/15 12:34

The OV community currently consists of roughly 4.5 million people across 109 countries and territories, Nam noted, adding that they have been establishing firm footholds in these foreign lands, helping to elevate Vietnam’s stature in the global arena.

Quay Tay 9/6/15 23:35

the Party and State have issued many policies that offer favorable conditions to overseas Vietnamese, so ,more OV have come back Vietnam for travelling or investing

Trắng Tay 9/6/15 23:43

the state should take advantage of OV community's strength and should have policies that draw talents from abroad for the building and protecting of the country

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