Harmony and reconciliation of the great national unity

                                                   Be united for a stronger Vietnam

At the 13th century, the fate of Dai Viet Kingdom was very serious when Mongol Empire decided to invade our country. The Mongol Empire’s troops were the best fighting forces on the world at that time. Yet surprisingly, three times Mongol invasion of Dai Viet were all defeated by people and troops of Dai Viet. One of the most important reasons for the victory of Dai Viet was due to the harmony and reconciliation in national governing policies of the kings of Tran’s dynasty, especially the legendary King Tran Nhan Tong.
After each time defeated Mongol troops, King Tran Nhan Tong returned to the Capital and immediately ordered to destroy all evidences of betrayal. This act was weird but it ended the fear of traitors to be punished for their big mistakes. In the national governing policies of King Tran Nhan Tong, the harmony and reconciliation also mean forgiving for people who had sold themselves of invaders. The act of the wise King had given chances for traitors to come back to great unity bloc of the nation and fix their mistakes. The harmony and reconciliation policy of King Tran Nhan Tong were beyond normal human ideology of all times.
In the Asian conception, the human is one of the three most important factors in the national governing policy, including “Air, Land and Human”. Who can control three factors, especially the human factor, would be the winner in all situations. And in the policy of treating with the human, it’s very necessary to have reconciliation. Reconciling with the enemy and forgiving the traitors are not signs of losing the viewpoint. It is a wise policy to keep peace inside and outside the country, push the war threat far away from the border of the country and avoid using military for unnecessary reasons. The thoughts of King Tran Nhan Tong have been shining and valuable so far.
This year, 2015, we celebrate the anniversary of 40 years of the struggle of national liberation. It has been 40 years from the day the country was united and Vietnam has been changing so much. But in the national harmony and reconciliation policies haven’t still been perfect. Among Vietnamese people who were on both sides of the war has lingering stigma and mistrust, even hatred. We all know that easing the stigma and mistrust between brothers in a shared house has never been too late, but we have to do right away when we can. Narrowing the gap and filling the hole between Vietnamese who are different from ideology, belief, religion and class are to prevent hostile forces from exploiting our weakness to destroy the great unity bloc of the nation.
Our Party and State has announced: “Leave the past aside and look forward to the future”. In the preparation for the coming the 12th Party Congress, we all hope the Party and State shall find out the policy that could end completely the lingering pain and mistrust between Vietnamese people. In this ending period, there are a lot of difficulties but we believe that with guidelines of the Party and laws of the State we can make it through. This is necessary thing to do for the sustainable and prefect policy of the great national unity./.
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Williams Melanie 19/6/15 06:19

I think it is time for us to remove the hatred in oder to wok together for construction and protection of our beloved fartherland

Davis Caroline 19/6/15 06:21

as Vietnamese people, although living in anywhere should have contribution to the country

Thompson Catherine 19/6/15 06:26

the past years, the State and Party has issued many policies that offer favorable conditions to over-sea Vietnamese people

Trắng Tay 20/6/15 14:42
Nhận xét này đã bị tác giả xóa.
Jack Walker 20/6/15 15:05

there are more many Vietkieus coming back Vietnam for their bussiness, investment or visiting their relative, tourism,

Dennis White 20/6/15 15:16

that is right, returning the homeland is a good chance for them to witness changes of the country and help them remove their prejudice and mistrust

erica black 20/6/15 15:25

I see nowadays Vietnam has outstandingly developed in all fields, especially it's economy has an impressive growth.

Funny Day 20/6/15 15:39

I really admir Vietnam has always maintained the political stability for past many years while terrorism has been appeared in everywhere over the world

Anthony Jones 21/6/15 14:28

you are correct, Vietnam's stability for the past time has been praised and hightly valued by international friends and that is one of outstanding points of Vietnam that have attracted many foreign visitors to it.

Elizabeth Green 21/6/15 15:01

I have ever come to Vietnam twice and I realized that Vietnam was not like what I had heard before. I got really impressive by the landscape and people of Vietnam

Evans David 21/6/15 15:35

some over-sea Vietnames extremists often give incorrect information about the situation in Vietnam, so a few over-sea Vietnamese people and foreigners have misunderstood about the policies of the State and Party.

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