Vietnam through American tourist's lens


The US Online Newspaper, Hunffington Post has posted a beautiful photo set on Vietnam’s landscapes and people by an American anesthesiologist, Stephen Wallace.
Stephen Wallace said “This year marks the 50th anniversary of US Marines landing in full combat gear at Red beach near Da Nang, Vietnam, and the 40th anniversary of the Southern liberation. I found this a good time to go back to this beautiful country to photograph and talk with the people.”
“The Vietnamese are gracious, sincere, hardworking, wonderful people” he added.
Following are some photos taken by Stephen Wallace during his trip to Vietnam:
 Terraced fields are near Dien Bien Phu city

 Sunrise on Da Nang beach
 Ethnic minority people in a mountainous district  of Lao Cai province
 Little girl in Thua Thien-Hue province
Livelihood on Ha Long bay, Quang Ninh province.
 Khe Sanh fire base, Quang Tri province.
 Military cemetery
 100-year-old Long Bien bridge, Hanoi capital.
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John Smith 17/6/15 15:26

Vietnam, in its struggle to develop its economy, is becoming a tourist paradise.

Gentle Moon 17/6/15 15:26

Vietnam would be interesting but we did not expect such lavish good treatment. That included swimming in the South China Sea at a secluded beach and eating fresh sea food scooped out of the sea just minutes earlier.

LawrenceSamuels 17/6/15 15:27

Few countries are so richly endowed by nature. I can understand why the Vietnamese people fought so heroically to win their independence.

Jane smartnic 17/6/15 15:28

The beautiful landscapes include Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bay is such a fantastic sight that when I first saw it in the movie, "Indochine," I thought it wasn't real. It looked like an imaginary movie location.

yobro yobro 17/6/15 15:29

Vietnam is 1,000 miles long. The eastern side of the country has beautiful beaches, stunning ocean bays and productive fishing villages. The western length of the country runs across mountains glowing with a soft green covering. Still the realities of their wars for independence are barely beneath the surface.

Love Peace 17/6/15 15:30

The people of Vietnam are warm and welcoming. Their high moral values are shown in their love for "Uncle Ho," their national hero. Ho Chi Minh is respected for his modesty, simple life style and wise leadership.

MaskOf Zero 17/6/15 15:30

We were not surprised to learn that Vietnam is a large exporter of rice, second only to China. The Red River and Mekong deltas are very fertile with at least three crops a year in the South.

Only Solidar 17/6/15 15:31

very country has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, yet Vietnam seems especially endowed. The beauty of nature and its landscape in Vietnam are breathtaking and guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate. But what made the trip to Vietnam a truly treasured experience was the Vietnamese people.

Pack Cassiopian 17/6/15 15:32

Was it the demonstrations of respect and kindness we received and observed around us, constantly? Was it the people's devotion to family, reverence of ancestors and cultural traditions, great respect for teachers and belief in education as the best promise for a good future?

Deck Hero14 17/6/15 15:33

So many memorable experiences of our visit with the people of Vietnam, but nothing stands out more than what we heard from young and old throughout the country, time and time again-the Vietnamese people's pride in their country and their national unity, and their hopes for the future and peace among all peoples in the world.

Funny Day 18/6/15 05:53

so great! that is why Vietnam is known as an ideal destination for foreigners

Williams Melanie 18/6/15 23:56

vietnam is one of countries with most world natural hesitages in the world. almost foreign visitors to Vietnam were impressed by the natural marvels

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