Those who go against committed principles (Part2 and end)

On human rights in Vietnam, in an interview with VOA on the occasion of 40-year war ended, former Ambassador P.Peterson stated: “I scored quite high in Vietnam instead changes on human rights and religious freedom in recent years. I pay much attention and notice great improvements in these two areas in Vietnam. I think Vietnam should give points for Vietnam because of those steps”. Although it is considered that “human rights issue as an obstacle for relations between Vietnam and the US”, the former ambassador P.Peterson admitted: “There is not much country where absolutely gain of 100 points. The improvement of human rights is desirable but not necessarily objective. Commitment to “perfect human rights is impossible, it is difficult for every country to do it”. His opinion showed improvement on human rights is always the destination for the country to strive but reality to which country can also regarded as a model for screening, imposing on other countries. Even in America too, it is hard to see this as a model of “perfect human rights” when everyday in this country still appears the message as: “A number of Vietnamese American businessmen in the city of Baltimore, the state of Maryland have been affected by unrest situation. Last week, the city was in chaos after the funeral of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old youth was killed last month when he was in custody of the police. San Jose Mercury News said last year, the information showed San Jose police used to stop cars for searching thoroughly and handcuffing or arresting colored and Latinos people with a higher rate of any ethnic group in the city”...
If giving careful consideration, the American political circles can not self-conceitedly spoke like Ms. Janet Nguyen when she joined an interview with RFA on May 14 that “America is a country of freedom and democracy, so we had to force Vietnam to have freedom and democracy, otherwise Vietnam will not get any good policy from the United States” and no matter how the fact and fiction, just looking at the pictures that she had rushed shouting “police beat people”! If US lawmakers are interested in human rights, the people, who often loudly condemn Vietnam, should act so that all Americans are entitled to human rights, the youth as F.Gray will not been shot by police, business establishments of Vietnamese descent will not been looted, coloured and Latinos people will not discriminated, rape in the military is a fair trial... Unfortunately they have not done like that way, their purpose is stated clearly by Congressman A.Lowenthal in an article on VOA on May 14: “One of the reasons that I present at the Congress, which is fighting for the interests of the community that I represent and for human rights”. So a question is set that how he is trying for human rights in Vietnam related to interests of his community which A.Lowenthal Congressman represent? Moreover, why they do not fint out about human rights in Vietnam  through any person in 90 million citizens instead at guys like Thich Quang Do, Nguyen Tien Trung, Nguyen Van Ly… and some institutions are not recognized by the State of Vietnam. Particularly, those who coax them can show the idea of ​​a “democracy” announced on facebook recently said it all: “Domestic struggling forces, which get financial aid from the overseas, partisan organizations, should be subject to the “leadership” of documents or their unspoken”. Whether the congressman as A.Lowenthal know that his community are supporting for activities undermining Vietnam and using the ballot to force them protect those who violated Vietnam’s law? In this regard, Nguyen Dinh Thang - American anti-communist who recently said bluntly through all Vietnamese Community may have tipped the balance, saying, “In the national advocacy of the US, our most precious capital is the position of the voters themselves”!

Unfortunately, the above events taking place in the context of 20 years of diplomatic ties relations between Vietnam and the US have made good progress, it was desired to usher a new period in bilateral relations between Vietnam and the United States based on mutual respect and common interests” as a joint statement between the two countries’ leaders announced during the visit to the US in 2013 by Chairman of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. About this unfortunate event, a random blogger deemed that it does not occur consecutively for the right time Vietnam is frantically organizing activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of liberation of the south and reunify the country. Other comments suggest that the abnormal adrent spirit of some US congressmen are way past the will of voters to vote for them in the upcoming election season? Although the probability of two hypotheses is horrendous, it is unacceptable in the context of civilized norms is becoming the dominant principle of conduct between nations in the modern world. That's what the press conference on May 19 in Ho Chi Minh city, Mr Antony J.Blinken  - US Deputy Secretary of State said, “the former enemies in war with each other could become friends. We have not only peace but also to build partnerships”. Whether a part of the American political circles are not towards this? Because of their selfish interests, they do not hesitate to conduct “political speculation” on the prestige and honor of a sovereign state?
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some peolpe often take advantage of struggling for human rights situation in Vietnam aimed at get money from foreign organizations and individuals

Quay Tay 6/6/15 02:31

the fartherland is sacred, citizens have responsibility of making contribution to the building and protecting of the country, so it 's shame for those who act against the fartherland

Thị Trinh 8/6/15 06:12

don't look at the negative side in development process of the country that can be found in any country in the wolrd, but should recognize it's archvements for past years

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