Fight against abusing ethnic issues to undermine the national unification in the Central Highland


Hostile forces do realize the importance of the national unification in career of building socialism in Vietnam. So, they continuously seek to break the people’s solidarity. In recent years, anti-national unification activities have been escalating in the Central Highland. One of extremist groups is Front Unifié de Libération des Races Opprimées (usually abbreviated to FULRO) which was a movement against Ngo Dinh Diem dictatorial regime, founded in 1956. But it was abused and directed by anti-Vietnam forces.
 Reviewing the file of FULRO, we will understand Fulro’s nature and its destruction road to draw precious lessons in building and protecting the Central Highland and the national unification against hostile allegations.
 In the Great Spring Victory 1975, our military entered the Central Highland and liberated Buon Me Thuot city, FULRO there collected a lot of weapons and ammunition left by the Republic of Vietnam (or the South Vietnam) in panic withdrawal. At that time, the number of FULRO had increased significantly, and they attempted to take control of areas which were liberated by the Vietnamese army. With supports from outside forces, FULRO raised to be a reactionary military group which caused many bloodshed terrorist attacks on ethnic peoples in the Central Highland.
 In this fight against FULRO and bandits, the Party and State of Vietnam always tend to tolerate and accept individuals who realize their faults and want to come back home. Many FULRO’s leaders has realized the right path and come back to their people and villages. Over 17 years from 1975 to 1992, under the leadership of the Party and State, Vietnam’s security forces including Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Defense overcome many disadvantages and difficultties, stood shoulder to shoulder with peoples of the Central Highland in provinces Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Dak Nong and neighboring areas to defeat all FULRO’s groups. We eliminated and compromised 15,000 Fulro’s groups and removed a lot of underground administrative frames and 62,000 centipede-foot-shaped networks in villages.
For the first time, FULRO issue has been intensively settled by revolutinary forces. From that, FULRO no longer exists as a reactionary political force threatening our national security and unification in strategic area of the Central Highland.
 Through its existence and activities, it is obvious that Fulro is an extremist organization turning into a terrorist group. They carried plot of dividing the national unification and breaking away by supports from outside.
All FULRO’s leaders abused peoples’ innocence and trust to deceive and incite protests against the State. There are some tricks like giving money for protesters, warning of isolation and punishment if not following. They used mass media such as RFA, RFI, BBC… broadcasting by Vietnamese to spread distorted information undermining the Party and State’s prestige and damaging our policies of ethnology. By those allegations, they tried to deepen breakaway sentiment among peoples ruining the national unification. They launch propaganda that the Montagnard people must establish an independent Degar State for ethnic peoples not Kinh people. They claimed a fraudulent Degar State led by anti-Vietnam individual Ksor Kok, a self-proclaimed president. They have made many promises of wealth, positions for those who follow them. Besides, to cause political unstability, they have propagandized to decieve ethnic peoples to emigrate to other countries for a wealthy life. This poisonous allegation has caused a exodus from provinces of the Central Highland to Cambodia, Thailand and other countries where people suffer a poor life without shelter, food and water, in worry for unstable future.
America and hostile forces have continued to nurish FULRO’s elements inside and outside the country. They create social thought basis and political grounds by using Protestantism to build the Degar State for Montagnard peoples. With these deceitful allegations they caused chaos and turbulence in many areas of the Central Highland in 2001 and 2004 led by Ksor Kok.
 Through reality and history, we can confirm that fighting against FULRO is part of the struggle against hostile forces. This is a long-lasting political issue attached to ethnic, cultural and economic issues. So, the Party and State’s guideline and policies for minority peoples are always given priority to improve ethnic peoples’ awareness and economic and cultural life. We must cooperate with respectable and prestigious persons in minority community to make example and help manage and guide ethnic peoples avoiding anti-Vietnam activities of FULRO and other hostile forces./.
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Trắng Tay 16/6/15 23:31

Fulro is seen as a terrorist organization that has caused many bloodshed attacks on ethnic peoples in the Central Highland

Quay Tay 16/6/15 23:36

It has been supported from outside forces to against the Party and State of Vietnam

recently Fulro has more increased both in the number of members and extremist activities against the revolution of Vietnam

Quay Tay 16/6/15 23:52

right, that has threated to the stablity and development in the Central Highland

Thị Trinh 16/6/15 23:59

our Party and State has issued many policies that offer favorable conditions to socio-economic development, improving the living standard of people in provinces of the Central Highland

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