Develop regional action plan on eliminating violence against children

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Regional consultation meeting for the first time on building ASEAN Action Plan to Eliminate Violence against children took place in Thailand. As expected, the draft of the Action Plan will be presented to the ASEAN Summit in November this year.
To implement the ASEAN Declaration on the Elimination of violence against women and elimination of violence against children, according to agreement between the ASEAN Commission on Promotion and Protection of the rights of Women and Children (ACWC) and Senior Officials’ Meeting on Social Welfare and Development (SOMSWD), Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand was in collaboration with the Office of Asia - Pacific region, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to hold a regional consultation meeting for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand from May 5 to 9, aiming at building the ASEAN Action Plan on the Elimination violence against children,.
The meeting was attended by representatives of ACWC and SOMSWD clues of some ASEAN countries including Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, government and non-government organizations of Thailand and representatives of UN agencies and regional as well as international NGOs.
A meeting was held with the aim of gathering opinions and drafting a plan of action to realize the Declaration of ASEAN in eliminating violence against children in the region.
Attending the consultation workshop, delegates focused discussions on the content related to the guiding principle in formulating the draft action plan and the specific content of activities related to the seven contents. They were prevention; the security services and support; legal framework, procedural and judicial systems; capacity building; research and data collection; management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation; partnership and cooperation; assessment and communication on the action plan of the ASEAN region for the elimination of violence against children.
As expected, after this event, the fitsr draft will sent to ACWC and concerning specialized agencies within two months before the ACWC completed in August this year and it will be submitted to the agency ASEAN Summit to adopt in November 2015 in Malaysia.

This is one of two areas of activity organized by Thailand as a clue of these operations to realize the declaration on the elimination of violence against women and children in ASEAN which was adopted by the senior leaders of ASEAN in 2013, followed the first meetings on consultation of draft action plan to eliminate violence against women which took place in the beginning of last April in Bangkok.
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John Smith 19/6/15 11:56

The problems of violence against women and children are among the most important problems which presenting obstacles to the country’s development.

Gentle Moon 19/6/15 11:57

Many women and children have to suffer various forms of physical, mental and sexual violence in families, households, schools, workplaces or even in public places, while the society as a whole still lack understanding and awareness of the problems. Many victims of violence, therefore, never receive proper assistance and treatment.

LawrenceSamuels 19/6/15 11:58

‘violence against women’ in the international declaration on the elimination of violence against women as ‘ any actions of violence that are caused by gender prejudice, which cause suffering for women including coercions, threats, and deprivation of freedom both in public and private life”.

Jane smartnic 19/6/15 11:59

Violence against women is a grave violation of human rights. Its impact ranges from immediate to long-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences, including death.

yobro yobro 19/6/15 12:00

In spite of the many international and regional treaties that protect children's rights, many children face threats and lack opportunities for access to education and health and social care.

Love Peace 19/6/15 12:01

They are victims of the worst forms of child labour, violence, sexual abuse, diseases, armed conflict and are exposed to discrimination, marginalisation and exclusion.

MaskOf Zero 19/6/15 12:01

Still today, many women and girl children are suffering from various kinds of violence.

Only Solidar 19/6/15 12:05

imply put, we must all do more to end violence against women in all its forms, wherever and whenever it occurs, and it starts by acknowledging it. There can be no conspiracy of silence.

Pack Cassiopian 19/6/15 12:06

he sad truth is that one in three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. This violence knows no class, religious, or racial boundaries. And it comes at a terrible cost – not only for the woman or girl, but for families, communities, and entire countries. Preventing it is the only way to achieve a future of peace, stability, and prosperity.

Deck Hero14 19/6/15 12:07

We will not turn away in the face of evil and brutality. We stand up, and we reaffirm that all forms of gender-based violence will be not be tolerated. Not now, not ever.

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