Let's travel to Spratly Islands

                                              Big Spratly island, the centre of Spratly Island

In recent years, Vietnamese people have traveled more and more, especially in summer time all famous spots are always crowded with tourists. We have also traveled abroad more frequently, not only to regional countries, but also to countries in Europe, Australia and America...
However, there is a beautiful spot of Vietnam named Spratly Islands, which is still not a tourist destination. Vietnamese people all hope to set their foot on Spratly islands, a group of flesh and bone islands of Vietnam on East Sea. But there are a lot of difficulties that prevent us from fulfilling our hope.
Vietnam has more than 3 millions overseas Vietnamese (OVs) who are living all over the world. The image of Vietnam and Spratly islands is always in the thought of the 3 millions of OVs. And if there is a tourist route to Spratly islands, a lot of OVs will come back and seek the chance to travel to these outpost islands.
Traveling to Spratly islands is not only for tourism, but also to review the history of country, to learn our fore father’s strategic work and vision to widen national sovereignty on the sea. They had left us treasured marine resources like seafood, oil... and especially strategic position and shape of our country in the region and on the world.
Traveling to Spratly islands is also to know families and teachers who are living and working on these remote islands despite a lot of hardship in daily life. They are living on islands that are so far from the mother land with shortages in all sources of life but they are always happy and full of hopes.
By traveling to Spratly islands, we can find old pages of the country’s history and see what are happening on outpost islands of the country and learn how to live more responsibly and patriotically.
Fortunately, the SaiGon Newport Corporation has been assigned to undertake recommendations of the Navy, Department of Defense for supporting boats and fuel to serve for implementing tourism route to Spratly islands. The first route will be held on June 26 for experiment and it would be official later then. The People committee of Ho Chi Minh City has given an unique and attractive tourism idea, the rest will depend on companies that exploit the route.
Vietnamese people have travel across the world, and young people, who have backpacked to all corners of the country, should spend one time to go to Spratly islands. It’s pretty sure that you will be amazing feelings there, especially from heart of patriotic people.
Spending time and money to travel Spratly islands to contribute our small parts for sea and island of the country and to live the patriotism in all of us./.
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Vân Nhàn 11/6/15 20:40

I will go to the Spratly Islands if there is a tourist route!

Phạm Hiếu 11/6/15 20:43

The Spratlys are one of the major archipelagos in the East Sea which comprise more than 30,000 islands and reefs, and which complicate governance and economics in this part of Southeast Asia

Huy Quốc 11/6/15 20:47

Vietnam's trial cruise to the Spratly Islands could pathe the way for increased tourism in the area

Lê Tín 11/6/15 20:49

The islands lie across some of the world’s most important shipping lines and have access to potentially vast energy reserves.

Hoàng Lân 11/6/15 20:52

Travelling to Truong Sa means the big trip of your life, reviving national pride and citizens’ awareness of the sacred maritime sovereignty of the country.

Quốc Kiên 11/6/15 20:53

Tourists will no longer feel Truong Sa as far away, the blue Truong Sa ocean will be deep in people’s hearts.

Quân Hoàng 11/6/15 20:57

China is making things complicated in Spratly Island as new satellite images have revealed that China has constructed an airstrip on a stretch of disputed territory in the South China Sea - and could be planning to build another.

Quốc Cường 11/6/15 21:00

the United States has accused China of bullying others with its 'military muscle'.

Huy Lâm 11/6/15 21:16

China was also working to extend a runway of that length in the Paracel Islands further north which is seen as a vital shipping route

Hùng Quân 11/6/15 21:18

We love Spratly Island and we will do everything to build up and protect our precious islands. China back off!!!

travelling to the Spratly not only for tourism but also for confirming our sovereignty on the islands

Thị Trinh 12/6/15 06:12

that's right, I think that is one of good ways to prove our claims to the Spratly archipelagos and to demonstrate our patriotism

Phu Chem 12/6/15 06:21

we have the right to do that beacause the Spratly belongs to our fatherland. China often also oganizes tours to Hoang Sa while it belongs to our sovereignty.

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