Gov’t resolution on improving business environment reviewed

Representatives from ministries, business associations and experts gathered at a conference in Hanoi on June 18 to review the implementation of a Government resolution on improving the business environment and national competitiveness, also known as Resolution 19. 

Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) Nguyen Dinh Cung said the event aims to evaluate the progress of the resolution and collect recommendations on addressing obstacles during implementation to be submitted to the Prime Minister. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gov’t resolution on improving business environment reviewedRepresentatives from the CIEM Department for Business Environment and Competitiveness held that remarkable improvements have been seen in business start-up procedures since last year. 

The Law on Enterprise 2014 allowed firms to finish their business registrations in three days instead of six, as set by the Resolution, while the investor protection index was raised by 105 spaces, reaching the average level of ASEAN countries, they noted. 

Meanwhile, Vietnam remained slower than other ASEAN countries in terms of power access despite a 12-space rise last year, while a similar situation is occurring in tax and social insurance payments despite a 27-space improvement.

A stagnant point in the implementation of the resolution is the duration of resolving bankruptcy and business dispute procedures, they added. 

As scheduled, ministries and localities should have issued a plan of action to realise the resolution by the end of April this year. However, the Ministry of Planning and Investment reported that so far, it has received plans from only 11 ministries and 11 localities. The other 14 ministries and 52 localities have failed to finish their plans on time, including Ho Chi Minh City . 

Furthermore, the submitted plans have not clarified specific measures and targets. 

During the conference, participants also proposed that relevant ministries promptly review regulations on import and export goods to reduce time and costs for businesses during customs clearance process. 

They also asked for guidelines in meeting technical standards from a number of strict markets./.
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Gentle Moon 18/6/15 22:52

Key areas of a recent Government resolution include pushing for reforms to reduce time-consuming and wasteful administrative procedures, enhancing governmental offices' transparency and accountability, and adopting regulations that are in accordance with international rules

Jane smartnic 18/6/15 22:53

Another high priority is raising the country's business environment indicator to higher than the ASEAN average.

Love Peace 18/6/15 22:54

Advancements in science and technology will help with the restructuring of the agriculture sector

Pack Cassiopian 18/6/15 22:55

The sector must also enhance product quality and competitiveness, while ensuring food security and sustainable development.

Deck Hero14 18/6/15 22:56

The Government also made other superior value-adding industries like tourism, finance and telecommunications priorities in the national development programme.

Only Solidar 18/6/15 22:57

More State-own enterprises would be restructured. The Government aims to adapt them according to the principles of the market economy. But preferential policies would also be created to stimulate private growth.

MaskOf Zero 18/6/15 22:58

Special policies and mechanisms will also be established to level the playing field between large State-owned enterprises and small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

yobro yobro 18/6/15 22:59

Firms will also be encouraged to pour more capital into research and development.

LawrenceSamuels 18/6/15 23:00

Ministries, sectors, cities and provinces were ordered to take steps to improve their investment and business environments, and resolve any impediments in the implementation of administrative procedures.

John Smith 18/6/15 23:01

The new resolution also recommended the privatisation of a number of public services. It advocated for giving key sectors such as education, health care and technology more autonomy.

Thompson Catherine 21/6/15 16:20

to improve competitiveness, the Vietnamese enterprises should have their proper business strategy, focusing on quality and form design of products as well as product promotion to customers.

Davis Caroline 21/6/15 16:26

I think apart from quality and form design of products, the safety of products is also very important. Nowadays, customers often find firstly safe products with high quality and proper prices.

Williams Melanie 21/6/15 16:35

Recently the Vietnamese Goverment has undertaken several measures to improve the business environment and national competitiveness, which has brought some positive results

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