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Internet is increasingly wide spreading so the issue of information security in cyberspace is becoming more urgent. The risks of losing information security are increasing both in number and severity. Recently, FireEye, a leading security company specialized in preventing qualified assaults on network space has released a report on the operations of a campaign of attacks in cyberspace to the South East Asia area, including Vietnam.
The report described the details of a deliberate attack group, dubbed the APT30 as a highly qualified group of hackers, operating over a long time even being sponsored by a large force in the world. Start attacking on cyberspace at least since 2005, this group maintained consistently on targets in the South East Asia and India. Moreover, the tool to attack, tactics and methods of group action APT30 are maintained as initially rather constantly changing modern technology like many other groups, showing that the simple method still bring high efficiency; simultaneously, it also means that they are less likely to be detected, many victims do not know that he was attacked. According to FireEye, ATP30’s main objectives are diplomats, government officials, businessmen and journalists with information in three areas of focus including the border dispute, the transfer internal power in the country and military information. According to statistics, there were 200 malware made by APT30 group discovered in the process of monitoring progress on the important institutions in Vietnam. It is worth mentioning that, ATP30 owns technology which is enable attack into the absolutely secret network literally as this group has ability to attack and steal all confidential information hidden in the electronic devices are not connected internet.
ATP30 certainly is not the only group of hackers is doing the cyber offensive in Vietnam. As noted by the Center for Information Technology and Network Security Monitoring (Government Information Board), basing on the data on the network carried on seven networks representing the Central region, ministries and provinces, in the first quarter of 2015, there were 1,667,408 attacks. Loss of information and networks security is more complicated, negatively impact on national security, social order and safety, opening challenges and posing urgent requirements for the assurance of information security, especially data and information security for organizations and individuals. Meanwhile, according to experts, although security threats and information security exists, but most organizations, businesses and individuals in Vietnam have not yet fully deployed more efficient operations to minimize risk of damage; IT network in Vietnam government agencies are mostly weak security and uniformity. Data security specialized teams is lack intensive training. Regulations on information security policy have not been implemented in a comprehensive and thorough way...

In order to fix this, first of all those who use the network must raise awareness of themselves, protecting themselves. For examples, do not opening the path, the file ending * .doc, * .pdf, *. xls ... or attachments in email messages when we do not understand the origin sender as well as the contents inside; do not assess to strange websites. The organizations using electronic information systems, especially the government agencies and businesses need to enhance security awareness for all officers and employees in the unit. Besides, it should be equipped with the technology and regular review system to help detect the risk of losing information security, do not allow smart mobile devices connected to the agency's intranet system. Computer systems must use the new version of software. Absolutely do not use the unknown operating system and the software.
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Thị Trinh 6/6/15 01:37

everything has two sides, so we should take measures to protect information security, lilke installing softwares and raising awareness of threat to information loss

Trần Bướng 6/6/15 01:44

I see that in Vietnam, many people have low awareness of protecting information security , they haven't yet understood about it's danger, so they are subjective

Phu Chem 6/6/15 01:55

recently, many cases related to hackers have occured, which made heavily damages for citizens as well as threat to national security

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