A passive Europe

                                      Two explosions rocked Brussels Airport in a terror attack

Belgium is famous with chocolate and Brussels capital is considered the heart of Europe. However, when the terrorism is rising, Belgium has become “the piece of chocolate” of the extremists.
After the attacks in Paris in November 2015, the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel immediately expressed the concern about a same attack in Brussels and his concern has come true.
The 22nd of March has become the “dark day” not only to Belgium but also the entire Europe when three bombs were consecutively struck the departure lounge of Brussels Airport in Zavetem and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels capital, killing at least 30 people and wounded hundreds of people. The attack happened few days after Belgium announced Saled Abdeslam arrest, the main suspect in the series of bloody terrorist attacks in Paris.
So, after France, Belgium has become the victim of IS. It is unpredictable that which country will become the next target of the IS when its network has spread across the continent.
The Hollywood fantasy films as “Olympus has fallen" or "London has fallen" have attracted the audiences who love the action movies and warned the public about the potential threats of terrorist attack. However, whenever the attacked break out, the European leaders are always passive.
After the terrorist attack on November 13th 2015 in Paris, Belgian has closely cooperated with French polices and European police office (Europol), conducted hundreds of chases in Brussels and finally arrested Saleh Abdeslam on the 18th of March 2016. This was a success of the anti-terrorist offices of France and Belgium in the fight against the terrorism in the Europe.
However, few days after, the leaders of Belgium and Europe were shocked when the consecutive bombings in Belgium happened. The terrorists have cleverly hidden themselves “in the dark” to escape from the chases of Belgian police. And the bombings which happened near restricted areas like international airport and metro station next to EU headquarters is a challenging message to Belgian officers as well as EU leaders.
The series of attacks in Brussels showed that the threat of being attacked in France, Belgium as well as cities over the world is very high. The arrest of the most wanted suspect - Saleh Abdeslam, at Molenbeek district in Brussels capital after 4 months of strict chasing demonstrated that the extremists have established a solid network right inside the heart of Europe to help the criminals.
Staring at Europe, we can see a serious problem that the European leaders and European citizens are also very conflicting, even contradictory views in determining risks and measures to combat terrorism, especially the terrorism in the name of religion.
While many people are demanding measures to strengthen the security, identifying the extremist religious followers, there are also a lot of politicians and other people have no interest in the potential threats which come from extremist religious followers at the heart of Europe. The extremist religious communities even demand the European governments, societies and communities accept their extremist religious principles.
In addition, the flow of migrants from the Middle East - Africa continues to spill into Europe. And the Europe offices cannot classify the migrants, who are escaping from war and poverty, whoever is the terrorist or the member of the IS.
While the flow of migrants and the leaving EU of the UK are still big troubles, Europe now has another serious threat of terrorism. Europe should find new methods or measures to confront with this threat beside its unification./.
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