Behind the bomb smoke


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Behind the bomb smoke

Three consecutive explosions occurred in the large hall of the airport and subway station in the capital in Brussels (Belgium) on March 22nd 2016 made dozens of people dead and put Europe on the critically endangered status.
Although the true motive of the terrorists has not been clarified, but just a few days ago, Belgium police caught the Salah Abdeslam, the suspect carried out the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris, France on November 13 2015 which caused 150 deaths. After the crime, Abdeslam Salah fled to Belgium. Therefore, many people thought of the vengeance of Islamic State (IS).
But it is clear that this was a bloody terrorist attack in Europe. Two consecutive terrorist attacks aimed at the two most peaceful cities of the world: Brussels and Paris. It shows that deadly hand of terrorism can be anywhere. And Europe is extremely stressful. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel warned people to "avoid all activities", not to go out at this time. Britain has also been placed on a state of emergency at "severe level", just below the highest level of emergency is a state of war.
The explosion in Brussels with many unique features showed huge possibility that was a terrorist attack because the terrorist threat from extremist Islamist militants could increase or reduce in each stage, but the fact that if a character of the terrorist organization is arrested, then it will sooner or later commit revenge. Terrorist attack in Paris on November 13 2015 was a similar case.
Although terrorism and extremism are seen as a global threat, but interests of the major powers have been created gaps for them to survive in. About the explosion has just happened in Brussels, headquarters of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO), led by the US, chairman of the foreign policy committee of the Duma (lower house) Alexei Pushkov wrote on Twitter for quite gloating voice: “While Jens Stoltenberg (NATO head) were busy to to fight against the so-called “threat from Russia” and send troops to Latvia, Brussels people were killed right in front of him”. And spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying: "You can not support terrorism in this corner of the world and not expect them to appear in other places." Ms. Zakharova has hinted about the so-called Western support for some terrorist organizations against Russia.
What is going on in Brussels again indicated that if the world and especially the major powers are not united, we will not be able to prevent terrorism and extremists.

Someone said, Europe was too compassionate when excepting massive immigrants from the Middle East. This fact complicates the security situation in Europe and makes the refugee situation even more tragic.
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