Vietnam persists in peaceful protection of marine sovereignty

Vietnam will resolutely and persistently protect its sovereignty as well as legitimate rights and interests in the East Sea through peaceful measures in line with international law and the United Nations Charter, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Hai Binh said.

At the regular press conference on March 3, he went on to say that the above-mentioned stance of Vietnam has so far contributed to maintaining peace in the region and been welcomed by the international community.

He made the remarks while answering reporters’ question about Vietnam’s next steps in response to China’s continuation of moves causing tensions in the East Sea.

“As a country directly involved in disputes in the East Sea, Vietnam’s consistent position is supporting the settlement of all disputes by peaceful means, in conformity with international law, especially the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea”, Binh noted.

At the conference, reporters raised a question about the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)’s recent tender inviting bids for oil and gas blocks in several areas, including the East Sea.

They asked whether the oil and gas blocks are located in Vietnam’s waters or in the waters that have not yet been demarcated between Vietnam and China.

Spokesman Binh said Vietnam’s competent agencies are thoroughly looking into China’s tender invitation.

However, Vietnam’s consistent viewpoint is that in areas on which the two countries are negotiating for demarcation, and in overlapping waters off the mouth of the Tonkin Gulf, according to international law and practice, neither of the sides are allowed to unilaterally conduct oil and gas exploration or exploitation activities, he stressed.-VNA
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Gentle Moon 10/3/16 21:28

The Philippines and the US have recently accused China of using navy to threaten fishing vessels in the East Sea

John Smith 10/3/16 21:29

Assuring security for key navigation routes through the East Sea is a significant matter for both regional countries and other international nations

LawrenceSamuels 10/3/16 21:31

Beijing uses outdated documents without legal value and relying on literary works to declare its sovereignty.

Jane smartnic 10/3/16 21:32

the China's claim is irrational and threatens modern international laws and norms on territorial proclamation.

Deck Hero14 10/3/16 21:35

Vietnam has been keeping calm with China's illegal and cruel activities in the East Sea.

Love Peace 10/3/16 21:38

China is using armed forces to rob and destroy Vietnamese fisherman's vessels.

Pack Cassiopian 10/3/16 21:41

They have even threaten and beaten Vietnamese fishermen when we were fishing in our sea.

MaskOf Zero 10/3/16 21:44

China is not a peaceful raising country, they want to gain their objectives by all means.

Only Solidar 10/3/16 21:45

Vietnam pursues the consistent policy of settling the dispute in the East Sea by peaceful means in line with international law

yobro yobro 10/3/16 21:47

the US, Australia and India should enhance naval cooperation with limited-capacity countries in the region, to ensure security in the East Sea.

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