UNHCR warns Greece at risk of falling into humanitarian crisis


Kết quả hình ảnh cho UNHCR warns Greece at risk of falling into humanitarian crisis

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva (Switzerland), UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said: Status of increasing refugees and migrants in Greece while the country have been experiencing difficulties. European countries denied to cooperate despite the fact that many agreements were signed in a number of areas and the imposition of new restrictions on the border along the route of the Balkans is unreasonable fact as well as the source of suffering which goes against European laws and international law.
According to Mr. Edwards, in February 29th night, the number of refugees and migrants in Greece were up to 24,000 people. Approximately 8,500 were in Eidomeni, where is near the border with Macedonia, and at least 1,500 people had to stay outside all night. "Overcrowded people leading to a shortage of food, shelter, water and sanitation. Increasing tension promote violent conflict and provide opportunities for smugglers "- UNHCR spokesman stressed.
Mr. Edwards also pointed out that the Greek authorities have to respond to this situation by establishing two refugee camps near Eidomeni which create habitats for a total of 12,500 people, as well as a third place nearby is currently under construction.
"The data shows that 131.724 people have made the migration in January and February, in which 122 637 people went to Greece. It is not far from the figures in the first 6 months of 2015, which was 147 209 people" - Mr. Edwards said and noted that 410 people have been killed in the migration journey in 2016.
To address the situation of refugees and migrants in Europe and avoid a new crisis in Greece, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees urged the adoption of some program of action, including the ability to receive temporary residence and support migrants, as well as better coordination between countries in the continent. "However, with the increasing of border restrictions across the Balkans, we are concerned that the situation will escalate and lead to a humanitarian crisis similar to what occurred in the Greek in the fall of last year "- according to Mr. Edwards.
Therefore, UNHCR spokesman urged the Greek authorities, with the support of the European Bureau for refugees and the Member States in the European Union (EU) would strengthen the ability registrability, reception and processing of asylum requests.
In recent years, though committed to resettle 66,400 refugees from Greece, but so far, European countries can offer 1,539shelter and 325 resettlement activities taking place on the real fall.
In addition, UNHCR encouraged Greece and the countries along the route of the Balkans with quick actions to avoid a humanitarian disaster and resolve emergency situations with the spirit of solidarity and sharing responsibility .
In related developments on the first day of March, the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann rejected criticism by German counterpart Angela Merkel of the decision to close the border and impose quotas receiving refugees that this country has just applied.

According to Mr. Faymann, the Austria was unable to receive hundreds of thousands of people to become a "lounge" of Germany. With a tough stance against the current policies but Austrian Chancellor Faymann said this country still advocates full-scale solutions in Europe to resolve the refugee crisis today, which favors first reliable protection outside the EU borders, establishment of reception centers and refugee reallocation between European countries.
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