Vietnamese youths to promote talents and strength in the revolutionary cause

 2016 marks the 85-year glorious history and development of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Vietnamese youths. The celebration of the 85th founding anniversary of the union is seen as an opportunity for youths to recall their glorious history and traditions as well as thoroughly grasp their vanguard role and missions in revolutionary cause in the new context.
During the leadership through the revolution, the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh have spoken highly of the important role of Vietnamese youths in the national construction and defence cause, and paid attention to cultivating, educating and promoting their ability and intelligence to serve the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation.
The 10th Party Central Committee’s Resolution 25 on strengthening the Party’s leadership over youth work in the time of industrialisation and modernisation affirms that young people are the backbone and the future of a country, the vanguard force in the national construction and defence cause, one of the key factors to the success of the national industrialisation and modernisation, international integration process, and socialism building cause.
Under the leadership of the Party, over the past years, youth organisations at all levels and the Vietnamese Youth Union have renewed working mechanisms and conducted practical activities in accordance with the demands of youths and reality of localities. Most of the youths across the country show their determination and aspirations to contribute their talents and youth to the national construction and defence cause.
Apart from those who are wholeheartedly devoting their intelligence and strength to the nation, there exists a few young people staying away from youth activities and having wrong thoughts and unhealthy lifestyles. Their knowledge and professionalism have not met the requirements of the national construction, development, and defence cause and international integration process. Besides, some youth organisations have not worked effectively with limited results.
The Vietnamese Communist Party and State consider youths the backbone of the nation and a reliable resource for the Party. Youth work is among the strategic ones in the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation. Educating and building healthy lifestyles for youths is an important, regular, continuous and long mission of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
To promote the effectiveness of youth work, youth organisations at all levels should renew working methods, study and come up with new effective models to help young people build their ideals, have good morals and healthy lifestyles, arouse their fondness for studying and their aspiration to contribute their talents and strength to the nation. In addition, it is essential to create healthy playgrounds for youths on different channels and creatively and effectively boost “the Vietnamese youths study and follow Uncle Ho’s teachings” movement to enrich their knowledge.
Meanwhile, Party committees and authorities should further pay attention to youth activities and promote leading, instructing and creating favourable conditions for youth organisations to work effectively. On the contrary, youth organisations at all levels should promote suitable guidelines and measures to promote youths’ involvement in activities during the national construction and defence cause.
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Youths working in the army are an eminent part of the Vietnamese youth. Under the leadership and instruction of the Central Military Commission, the General Department of Politics and with the concern of the Party, youth activities in the army have obtained remarkable achievements, contributing to developing a strong military youth force.
They have been proud of and preserved and promoted the traditions and virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and the heroic Vietnam People’s Army, had firm political stance, and consistently strived for the target of national independence and socialism, absolutely been loyal to the Party, and closely united with people.
Over the past years, in realising the movement, “Promoting tradition, contributing talents, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” launched by the Central Military Commission, youths in the whole army have shown their vanguard role in the emulation movements and campaigns, especially in implementing tough missions, making contributions to building a revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern army.
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