Self-nomination: Rights to democracy ensured in election


Vietnam will hold its parliamentary election in May 2016. The three key positions of president, prime minister and chairperson of the National Assembly will all be elected. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this election is the emerging group of self-nominated candidates. This election, around 30 civil society activists are running for the National Assembly.
These self-nominated candidates are evidence that the National Assembly is accommodating increasing pluralism. Many of these self-nominated candidates are not party members and some have been detained for their participation in extremist demonstrations against China’s activities in the South China Sea.
Vietnam revised its constitution in 2013, with changes having taken effect on 1 January 2014. The new constitution allows for non-Party candidates to stand for election to the National Assembly. State officials have emphasized repeatedly that discrimination against independent nominees is strictly prohibited by law.
Self-nominated candidates have several opportunities
Former Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Le Truyen said that in 2011, he had no difficulty nominating himself for the 13th National Assembly election. Truyen says the increased number of self-nominated candidates for the 14th National Assembly proves democracy is working: “The higher number of self-nominated candidates demonstrates the improvement in democracy. If the self-nominated candidate respects the law and electoral agencies carry their work according to the law, don’t discriminate, and exercise democracy and equality, everything will go smoothly. I welcome all self-nominees”.
Legally, those who are nominated by agencies and organizations and self-nominated candidates are equal before the voters. The list of the candidates will be printed alphabetically with distinction between nomination and self-nomination. At meetings with voters before the election, local authorities are not allowed to give any direction concerning candidate nominations. The Fatherland Front will closely monitor all these activities to ensure fair competition between candidates. Nguyen Tu Tuan is with the Thang Long Club, Hanoi: "It’s important that the candidates, nominated or self-nominated, be responsible to the nation and to the people. Our ultimate goal is building the nation and doing the best thing for the people. A representatives of the people, we need to be cautious in speaking to avoid causing chaos among the public”.
Meeting the criteria of a NA deputy
In the 13th NA election in 2011, there were 82 self-nominated candidates in 22 cities and provinces. 15 of them were elected. Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyen Van Pha says self-nominated candidates need to be aware of the responsibilities of a NA deputy: “Self-nominated candidates need to be serious, not just curious to see how democracy is exercised. Being serious means you need to see whether you meet all criteria set by law. If you are elected, can you do what you have promised? Both nominated and self-nominated candidates need to build good relationships in their residential area. Many self-nominated candidates fail because they cannot get support from people in their locality”.
Self-nomination for the NA election shows that constitutional rights are exercised in Vietnam. A candidate needs to meet all criteria and be outstanding in terms of competence and morality to represent the people in the NA or the People’s Councils./.
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LawrenceSamuels 26/3/16 17:51

Independent candidates have been promised fair treatment in Vietnam’s upcoming general election of the National Assembly.

Pack Cassiopian 26/3/16 17:51

Each and every phase of the election is carried out in a transparent manner, and is open to public scrutiny. Favoring candidates nominated by certain affiliations is strictly forbidden, and any act of discrimination against any nominee is against the law.

Only Solidar 26/3/16 17:52

I advise independent candidates to take the election seriously and not to nominate themselves “just for the sake of it".

John Smith 26/3/16 17:53

Now no one can deny Vietnam human rights and democracy.

Gentle Moon 26/3/16 17:53

Candidates should lead an exemplary lifestyle and get on well with voters in their neighborhood, for it is them who will vote to approve his or her candidacy.

MaskOf Zero 26/3/16 17:54

We should launch investigation to make clear those self-nominees for the general election in May who are backed by reactionary groups.

yobro yobro 26/3/16 17:54

Some self-nominee are receiving financial support from “domestic and foreign reactionary groups”, and using social networks for their election campaign.

Deck Hero14 26/3/16 17:55

The unprecedented number of self-nominated independent candidates is reflective of political reforms enshrined in the 2013 constitution.

Love Peace 26/3/16 17:56

Some self-nominated candidates are being covertly financed by Viet Tan, a terrorist organization due to its past insurgent history.

Jane smartnic 26/3/16 17:56

I think Vietnam's election is more and more democratic and it is an obvious achievement.

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