Why did Putin suddenly withdraw from Syria?


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The Russian president, who made the foreign policy makers surprise with decision to send troops to Syria five months ago. Now he once again makes shock when ordering the withdrawal from Syria, without notice to any party.
In a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the 14th of March, Putin ordered Russian troops to withdraw from Syria after one day.
About the withdrawal, Mr. Putin said that because "the majority of the target has been achieved so Russians to pull out of here, and just left a group based in the port of Tartus and military bases Khmeimim to observe cease fire.
Russia suddenly withdrew while Syria insisted that there was no 'public rift' between Moscow and Damascus. President Bashar al-Assad agreed to the 'reduction' Russian forces in a telephone conversation with Putin.
"The whole thing takes place in the comprehensive cooperation between Russia and Syria, and this is a step has been thoroughly researched and accurated" - criticized the Syrian government's statement. On the other hand, Damascus added that Moscow pledged to continue helping Syria confront terrorism.
According to Reuters, the incident led many Western diplomats predicted that Putin may be pressuring Assad to accept the political settlement for the war lasts 5 years, leaving 250,000 people dead.
In Geneva, the man with task of reconciliation for the UN is Staffan de Mistura said that there will be no other 'backup plan' than the fact that the conflict will continue, if the first three rounds of negotiations in order to set a 'clear roadmap' for Syria gain no progress.
As for the opposition in Syria seems not to understand this move. A spokesman for this faction commented: "No one will understand what Putin thinks in his mind." However, they require more from the Putin’s stage which was said to have concessions, which was to withdraw completely from Syria.
"I do not understand Russia's statement, it really surprised, just as they participate in the war so" - Fadi Ahmad, a spokesman for the Coast No.1 Brigade of Free Syrian Army said.
In particular, Putin just told ministers of defense and diplomatic affairs at the meeting of the Russian government. America also did not get anything about this, though also in March 14, 2016, Putin had a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama on Syria.
The Western countries always said that the Russian military intervention in Syria is to support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the destruction of the rebels 'Islamic State' claiming (IS) is only extra. The Russian military air strikes supposedly directed at opposition forces and pave the way for Syrian government troops in a number of key points.
After 5 months of military intervention in the Syrian battlefield, Russia, the US and partners and all parties in Syria have come to the peace talks. But the West always excuses for the Russian-backed government troops in the raid, the peace talks should be hampered.
With the urgent withdrawal decision, peace talks on Syria gains no longer obstacle. Many parties have voiced welcome this move by Putin.
"We also found the positive note of the decision of Russia to withdraw part of the force" - RT quoted rotating presidency of the Security Council of the United Nations, Ambassador Ismael Abraao Gaspar Martins of Angola.
Reuters quoted an anonymous US official that Washington felt very encouraged by Putin's announcement but now it is too early to understand the implications of this action, and whether Putin has done as his speech with the purpose behind that statement.

Currently, Russia daily spends $3 million when involving the war in Syria, while the main source of income has dried up because oil prices fell to the floor and the economy was stagnated because of Western sanctions. In this context, the Russia’s withdrawal will sooner or later happen if the main goal of Putin in Syria is not the IS.
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