Self-nominated, Nguyen Quang A is playing a political comedy


The election of deputies to the 14th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels of the 2016-21 tenure will take place on May 22, 2016, which is a Sunday in line with the law. The date was approved by the NA on November 24 during the 13th legislature’s 10th session.
Constitutionally, the National Assembly is the highest government organization and the highest-level representative body of the people. It has the power to draw up, adopt, and amend the constitution and to make and amend laws. It also has the responsibility to legislate and implement state plans and budgets. The assembly appoints the President (head of state), the Prime Minister (head of government), the Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court of Vietnam, the Head of the Supreme People's Prosecution of Vietnam (or 'Supreme People's Office of Supervision and Inspection'), and the 21-member Government.
Preparations for the 14th National Assembly election, set for May 22, are under way. The Vietnam Fatherland Front has organized consultative meetings to nominate candidates for the election. The Vietnam Fatherland Front has the right and responsibility to participate in and make the election democratic, fair, lawful, and safe. To this end, it’s necessary to ensure that consultative meetings are democratic, lawful, and prompt.
Apparently, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is preparing to nominate 896 candidates (which include 80 members of the Central Committee of the CPV). It is normal for a political party to prepare the nomination of its candidates to compete in the legislative elections.
This tenure, we can obviously see how democracy and human rights have been developed in our country. In past elections, nominee must be a Party’s member, but now more and more self-nominated candidates, including those not associated with the Vietnamese Communist Party, are expected to run for seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
The National Assembly Standing Committee, which convenes and chairs parliamentary sessions, expects that of the 500 parliamentary delegates, there could be as a many as 35 non-party members in the 14th National Assembly. So far, more than 20 non-party candidates have nominated themselves for seats in the National Parliament, a number that is expected to increase between now and the application deadline on March 13.
Voters nationwide eagerly anticipate going to the polls to elect moral, talented and deserving deputies to represent the will and aspirations of the people and their right to mastery in the legislative body and People’s Councils.
But not for human rights and democracy that we could accept some self-nominated candidates who have had a bad reputation for protesting the Party and State of Vietnam, undermining the country’s interests, and those who violated laws and were sentenced by the enforcement authorities.
And Dr Nguyen Quang A is one of many self-nominees like that. He himself just kicked off a campaign to gauge the public support for his own nomination by asking people to sign a public petition to show their support. To elect moral, talented and deserving deputies to the National Assembly, let review who is Dr A?
Born in 1946 in Bac Ninh province, he is an only son of a family, whom father is a martyr in the anti-France struggle. In 1965, Nguyen Quang A was sent to study in Hungary and defended a PhD here. Back home, he worked in computing sector. For the country’s favor, he must had dedicated to fulfil a citizen’s responsibilities, but he turned out to be a black sheep of the Fatherland.
He began to conduct anti-government activities, sabotaging the State’s policies and undermining national interests.
In September 2007, he jointly founded and was appointed a director of the now-defunct Institute of Development Studies (IDS) think tank, a disguised anti-State groups, which contained some lost intellectuals like Prof. Chu Hao, Prof. Tran Đuc Nguyen, Prof. Tran Viet Phuong, Prof. Phan Huy Le, Hoang Tụy, Dr. Le Dang Doanh, tried to negate the government’s policies. After, IDS broke up, he appeared on Internet with what was called “Civil Society Forum” which issued a statement of implementing civil and political rights. Dr. A again was a founder and a signer of the statement. And, if you view this forum, you’ll see it like webpage “Dan lam bao”, a reactionary webpage which distorts and propagandizes against the Party and State of Vietnam. He also takes part in many anti-Party and State activities such as protests, praying ceremonies, “democratic meetings” of self-proclaimed human rights activists, etc, even we could see pictures of him handling money for supporters as demonstrating fees in some protests.
Especially, last year, he went abroad to the United States, Germany to anticipate in anti-country’s interests activities of overseas reactionary groups and hostile forces like Viettan, a known terrorist organization, VOICE and Human Rights Watch, etc, and was hold at the airport when returned home by the authorities. 
From all that, we should recognize the true face of Nguyen Quang A, a pathetic intellectual, who just nominated himself to play a political comedy, not more./.
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Gentle Moon 8/3/16 17:16

We should be aware of these intellectuals like him. They are just care for their benefits and may hurt our national interests.

Jane smartnic 8/3/16 17:19

I can't imagine someone like Dr. A to be a member of the National Assembly. What can he do for the country or just hypocracy.

Love Peace 8/3/16 18:04

Let's get him out of the list!

Pack Cassiopian 8/3/16 18:06

We can obviously see how democracy and human rights have been developed in our country. Nominees now are more and more self-nominated candidates, including those not associated with the Vietnamese Communist Party, are expected to run for seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Deck Hero14 8/3/16 18:08

Don't let elements like him deceive you, they call for human rights and democracy, self-proclaim themselves activists but ready to criticize anyone who voices against them.

John Smith 8/3/16 18:09

There are a lot men like Dr.A, Chu Hao, Tuong Lai, Nguyen Xuan Dien... They are just like political puppets for foreign forces.

LawrenceSamuels 8/3/16 18:24

Nguyen Quang A is a traitor, no more. He protests against the government that supported for his course abroad.

yobro yobro 8/3/16 18:25

He is just a slave of foreign hostile forces.

MaskOf Zero 8/3/16 18:28

As I see now Vietnamese voting has been more transparent, fair and more democratic than in the past. Hope for good, honest members of the NA.

Only Solidar 8/3/16 18:30

I want to see for the result, I don't believe this man can be elected.

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