Care for human development - a key objective of the Party and State


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In the era of national liberation, our Party and State has made efforts to build a new social of economic development associated with the gradual development of culture, education, health care, improving material and spirit life for people.
After reunification, in particular, through 30 years of reform, the Party and State have ever more fully aware of the importance, objectives, contents, methods to solve social problems, especially social security, social welfare, ensuring comprehensive and better quality of people’s life. Objective of social policy is human development, providing a happy life for people, contributing to maintain sustainable development in our country. Policy and legislation system on social sectors in our country is more and more synchronous and completed; investment resources are strengthened and diversified to promote the synergy of the whole political system and the social strata of social to implement  policy of caring for human beings and achieve significant achievements in cultural development, ensuring social security and social welfare.
Vietnam has completed most basic and MDG indicators, especially poverty reduction, enhancing human resources, implementing policies to stabilize and gradually improve the living conditions of the people. Vietnam has implemented effective policies for the elderly, the disabled, children, women, ethnic minorities in the highland, health care… and created conditions for people to actively prevent, mitigate and overcome risks in life. Policies to care for the public have been carried out effectively... The results reflect the consistent policy of the Party and State and create otivation for successfully implement the goal of "rich people, strong country, democratic, fair and civilized".

Step into the new period, our Party advocated developing culture, making justice, social security, social welfare, enhancing and improving people’s lives, making social policies in accordance with the level of society; resolving harmonious social relations, overcoming increasing gap between rich and poor, creating stability and sustainable social development; ensuring that all people have to better enjoy the fruits of the innovation, the opportunity and the conditions for comprehensive development.
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John Smith 25/3/16 14:45

An inclusive growth path – rapid, sustainable growth that leaves no one behind - is key to achieve overall progress in human development

Gentle Moon 25/3/16 14:47

Three pillars which define an inclusive growth strategy: expanding productive employment; improving the educational and health care system; and renovating the social protection system.

LawrenceSamuels 25/3/16 14:48

To expand productive employment, Viet Nam needs to maintain macroeconomic stability; increase economic efficiency and enhance connectivity and technological readiness as well as nurturing innovation.

Jane smartnic 25/3/16 14:49

Viet Nam needs to improve the the quality and access to pre-primary, higher education and vocational training; and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the socialization reforms prior to any further expansion.

yobro yobro 25/3/16 14:50

To renovate the social protection system, Viet Nam needs to secure a floor level of cover – via universal health insurance; a self-financed social insurance system; and expanded social assistance based on Life Cycle entitlements.

Love Peace 25/3/16 14:51

We need to focus both on the poor and the vulnerable lower middle income group - whose incomes are not substantially above the poverty line, who typically work in informal jobs, are urban migrants or small scale farmers.

MaskOf Zero 25/3/16 14:52

Viet Nam’s renewed development success rests on it building an inclusive and equitable economy - and that the route to this lies in full employment based on decent jobs, and opportunity and security for all.

Only Solidar 25/3/16 14:54

Viet Nam’s performance in terms of human development has been impressive over the last 35 years but progress varied between periods and has slowed down in recent years.

Pack Cassiopian 25/3/16 14:56

The index rapidly increased later and Viet Nam was a star performer in the 1990-2000 period, but the gap was never closed.

Deck Hero14 25/3/16 14:58

All provinces made positive progress but this was not even, with some performing much better than others. Those that did best, experienced balanced development- economic development went hand in hand with improved social outcomes.

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