Syria: The opportunity for peace and silence before the battle (Part 1)


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Syria: The opportunity for peace and silence before the battle

Syria has been witnessing relatively peaceful moments on almost throughout the country after the ceasefire sponsored by the US and Russia, began to take effect as from 0 hour 27/2.
Although there are many doubts about the feasibility of the truce, the positive sign is still considered as a rare opportunity for the first 5 years of conflicts for parties take time to reassess the situation and hope about a lasting solution to the crisis.
The ceasefire can be said as the latest effort by the international community to seek a political solution to the Syrian crisis. Russia and the US, the two co-authors of the agreement, calling it a "historic opportunity" that the warring factions in Syria must grasp because the suspension of hostilities in Syria is a hard task due to the complex nature of the crisis.
Analysts noted that the warring parties in Syria agreed to a ceasefire is a positive step forward launching negotiations between the parties. In particular, the Syrian government and opposition groups adhere to a ceasefire agreement in two weeks has opened the way for humanitarian operations and seeking a political solution to the conflict which has claimed the lives of more than 250.000 people.
The ceasefire is also considered a test to assess goodwill of the warring parties in this Middle Eastern country. UN envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura stressed if the ceasefire is maintained, it will be the basis for conducting a new round of talks between the Syrian government and rebel forces. It is expected to be resumed in March 7th, 2016 after being postponed at the last minute due to inconsistency of participants.
Shortly after the ceasefire has come into effect, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the fighting between government and the opposition ended in 34 towns, although in some areas there are still sporadic violations . People in some "hot spots" admit the situation has returned to calm signs. 
Along with Moscow's claim to a complete halt of air strikes, the US also made the first effort to ensure that the temporary truce in Syria is fully and seriously implemented. US President Barack Obama, in a speech in Washington, urged the warring parties in Syria must implement the necessary steps for the truce to be maintained. In the coming days, it would be extremely important moment to verify the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.

We can say that the first day of implementation of the cease-fire has passed relatively smoothly, but it is too early to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Will the deal last for 2 weeks as the time limit set out? It is a big question because of the complexity in the political arena as well as the goodwill of Syrian stakeholders that many people are still skeptical about the effectiveness of this agreement. Even the Syrians, who are yearning for a lasting peace in the country and have been ravaged for many years of civil war, also felt the fragility of the truce.
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John Smith 7/3/16 13:13

there are consistent Russian-led attempts to alter the balance of power on the ground, capitalising on the global mobilisation against terrorism, in the wake of the wave of terrorist attacks staged by IS.

LawrenceSamuels 7/3/16 13:14

the upcoming political battle that the opposition has to fight seems to be just as brutal.

Gentle Moon 7/3/16 13:16

Guns fell silent for the first time in years

yobro yobro 7/3/16 13:17

this is the best opportunity we can imagine that the Syrian people have had over the last five years

Jane smartnic 7/3/16 13:18

Among the many difficulties will be monitoring what the deal’s sponsors and participants call a ‘‘cessation of hostilities.

Love Peace 7/3/16 13:19

Russians and Americans do have their own antennas, which have been raised

Deck Hero14 7/3/16 13:22

Syrian people have right to live in peace, why do they suffer much from pains?

Deck Hero14 7/3/16 13:24

Do not make the world dump in war, who can bring normal life for children, for women here?

MaskOf Zero 7/3/16 13:26

There will be no shortage of attempts to undermine

Pack Cassiopian 7/3/16 13:27

the cease-fire holds and a separate agreement gains steam to deliver humanitarian aid to areas that have been cut off from food and medicine by the fighting

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