UN Human Rights Council welcomed the successful organization of the new Myanmar election


Kết quả hình ảnh cho successful organization of the new Myanmar election

On March 14th, 2016 at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the Human Rights Council held a dialogue among nations and non-governmental organizations with a special rapporteur on the human right in Myanmar within the framework of the 31st session.
Speaking as a member of the Human Rights Council for the term 2014 - 2016, Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations welcomed the new successful general election of Myanmar held last November too; said that this event was a continuation of the Myanmar people's achievements in the reform process, democratization and national reconciliation. Affirming spirit of side by side with the people of Myanmar in the development of the country, Vietnam has also noted the interest of the international community on Myanmar; stressed that the concern should realize on a consistent basis with the international law and the UN Charter, especially the principle of national self-determination and non-interference in internal affairs. Ambassador said that the international community should focus on international cooperation, technical assistance to strengthen the protection and promotion of the rights of citizens, thereby fulfilling the legitimate aspirations for peace, stability, democracy and development of the people of Myanmar. Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh reaffirm that Vietnam always supports genuine dialogue and cooperation between the international partners and Myanamar.

Also in this discussion, as ASEAN coordinator of the Human Rights Council in 2016, Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh on behalf of the Association has affirmed ASEAN's solidarity with Myanmar, congratulated the new strides of Myanmar achieved in the reform process, democratization and national reconciliation, including new democratic elections and welcomed Myanmar's willingness to cooperate with the relevant mechanisms of the United Nations. ASEAN stressed that the international community should have an objective approach, without distinction, without double standards and politicization of the consideration of human rights issues; and called on the Council to reconsider the human rights consideration in the Myanmar issue on the agenda of this mechanism.
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Deck Hero14 29/3/16 13:47

Assuming that nothing happens in the counting and tabulation of results to alter the present positive assessment, this is a remarkable moment for the people of Myanmar.

Pack Cassiopian 29/3/16 13:48

Turnout was reportedly very high. The capacity of the Union Election Commission has clearly been stretched, but it managed mostly to keep things together, which is impressive.

Only Solidar 29/3/16 13:48

he initial statements from election observation missions so far have been very positive, indicating that the vote was overwhelmingly peaceful, orderly and free from major issues.

MaskOf Zero 29/3/16 13:49

There were no signs of serious manipulation, and it was always likely to be spotted if it happened.

Love Peace 29/3/16 13:50

The fact that there are so many observers and greater media freedom is highlighting issues that would probably never have surfaced in the past.

John Smith 29/3/16 13:51

A very small number of more serious irregularities were reported, including the late arrival of advance votes in a few constituencies.

Gentle Moon 29/3/16 13:53

The biggest challenge facing the new administration is how to forge a constructive working relationship with the military. That will be the key determinant of what the next administration can achieve in practice.

LawrenceSamuels 29/3/16 13:55

formation of a new government "could be an important step forward in the nation's democratic transition

Jane smartnic 29/3/16 13:56

The landmark election is seen as a test of the powerful military's willingness to let the country continue along a path toward full democracy, after decades of military-dominated rule.

yobro yobro 29/3/16 13:57

A change in Myanmar's constitution, drafted by the military, prevents anyone with foreign family members from becoming the nation's leader.

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