"Is Vietnam safe?"


“Is Vietnam safe?” David, a Colombian, asked me when the public television showed a documentary film about Vietnam war. That was an old film with the pictures of the war with gunfire and dead people.
David told me about his hometown, Mompox, a small town lying on the edge of the Madgalena river, the first town of Colombia to gain the independence from colonial rule in Spain in 1810. He also told me about General Simon Bolivar – the symbol of the South America, about the General journey in a famous novel, General in complex fight of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
I told David that, I had seen these images in stories about the prolonged fight for independence of my country, which has “a lot of wars” as the thought of almost Latin America people about Vietnam. There is a common thing between Vietnam and South America countries, the non-submission and faith in what has been selected. The Latin America people and Vietnamese people have fought, died and sacrificed their bonds and blood to gain the independence. On September 2nd, the independence day of Vietnam, many Colombian friends congratulated us; my school spent a private status on the facebook of the school to congratulate Vietnamese students; my teacher was very happy and wrote some sentences in both Spanish and Vietnamese on board to celebrate us. Having a independence day is a proud thing and just nations sharing the desire of independence can understand the happiness of the honor...
I also have a lot of beautiful memories in country, which locates on the other side of hemisphere. A Panamanian bartender asked where I come from when I was bewildered in a shop. Knowing that Vietnam is my hometown, he was very surprised and talked out loud: “Woa, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh”. The whole shop suddenly stirred. Everyone moved close to me, talking and marveling. My country was far away but they had heard a lot about it. “Ho Chi Minh, a hero, who had won France, the United State and even Japan. Ho Chi Minh, you know, the Great” the bartender excitedly said. He showed me all his knowledge about Vietnam, other people brought me the lunch, gave me a cup of orange juice, an ice-cream, a key chain... A little girl come from a heroic country, was welcomed in Panama. If I hadn’t set foot on the country of the famous canal, I wouldn’t have understood this pride.
It was very hard to explain to David that the film he saw was out-of-date. Vietnam is now one of the safest countries in the world. I showed him 30s clip, marketing the Vietnam tourism, a beautiful clip with perfect sound. He was surprised that “Vietnam has beautiful beaches as Colombia, I want to visit your country”. “You know, I was heard that Vietnam is with wars, Japan is with nuclear bombs and Colombia is with drug” Juan Carlos Valencia, a lecturer at the University of Bogota (the capital of Colombia)  told me. He said he will visit Vietnam, he has a lot of friends in Vietnam and his friends, who visited Vietnam, told him that “Vietnam is a paradise”.
“There are still a lot of things to do, I means our countries”, Juan said. Juan’s subject at the university is inter-cultural communication. Juan often meets Asian students and is a fan of Vietnamese food. Every week, Juan visits his girl friend in Medellin, a developed city 300 km away from Bogota capital and they will eat at a Vietnamese restaurant in Medellin. Every day, Juan like eating noodle at a Asia restaurant in Bogota. The restaurant is very famous and crowded. If you want to eat there, you have to book your table or queue up in long lines of customers.
If someone asks me to introduce a typical festival in Vietnam, I will introduce the “Troop Banquet Ceremony of the Hoang Sa Flotilla”. I will tell the foreigner about Vietnamese fishermen, who are always ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the country’s sovereignty. That is the traditional of the nation and Vietnamese people.
Because the East Sea is the flesh and blood of our Motherland./.
Chia sẻ bài viết ^^
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yobro yobro 27/3/16 18:57

Vietnam, in its struggle to develop its economy, is becoming a tourist paradise.

Only Solidar 27/3/16 18:59

The people of Vietnam are warm and welcoming.

Jane smartnic 27/3/16 19:02

Vietnam is a large exporter of rice. The Red River and Mekong deltas are very fertile with at least three crops a year in the South.

MaskOf Zero 27/3/16 19:04

Vietnam is now one of the most active countries in the economic integration in ASEAN region and the world

LawrenceSamuels 27/3/16 19:12

Foreigner visitors are coming to Vietnam to experience a lot of beautiful landscapes and delicious foods.

Pack Cassiopian 27/3/16 19:16

The country is now enjoying peace after hundreds of years of wars for independence. That peace is highly valued and most of the war damage has been cleared away.

Gentle Moon 27/3/16 19:19

I live in Viet Nam which is peaceful, happy, no terrorism, friendly, beautiful country.

Love Peace 27/3/16 19:21

Every country has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, yet Vietnam seems especially endowed.

Deck Hero14 27/3/16 19:22

I love Vietnam

John Smith 27/3/16 19:27

There are now no wars in Vietnam, Vietnamese are now living in peace and have all conditions to develop.

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