Building a National Assembly of the people

                                                        Vietnamese National Assembly

It has been 70 years since the first general election of Vietnam that was held successfully on January 6th 1946. 70 years are also the process of establishment and development of the National Assembly with much of efforts and achievement.
Firstly, we easily realize that our National Assembly is working more efficiently and practically. This has made national policies been checked more carefully, deliberately and objectively. On the other hand, it also made the liability clearer in the State system.
As a representative body for all classes of people, the National Assembly is a crucial tool to ensure the social balance and precisely identify the effect of the policies to the society. In fact, this associates functions of representing, legislation and making national important decisions of the National Assembly. In recent times, the Vietnam National Assembly has ensured well this association.
In the modern management of a country, the liability is one the most important demand. Through increasing the surveillance activities, especially the enquiry, the National Assembly is making clear a lot of important contents that related to the liability. The first content is the power implementation of the officials who have been assigned power and the second content is the credit of the officials. Secondly, the strengthening of legislation is an achievement that must be recognized. In recent times, a large amount of legal documents shaping the law frame of market economy and international integration have been approved by the National Assembly.
However, the reform is not only shown in the quantity, but also in the quality. The quality is ensured due to partly by hearing and selectively absorbing the people's opinion in the legislative process. The consideration and adoption of the Law on Enterprises, the Law on Investment in this term are the typical examples. It has never been more active in interaction between the people and businesses with the offices and members of the national assembly.
Thirdly, the democracy has been enhanced in the National Assembly’s activities. In the past, the representatives only red speeches but now they have debated actively about all range of issues. Such debates have made the National Assembly’s activities more vivid and attractive to the public.
The achievements of the National Assembly are enormous but challenges in the new period are also not easy.
The representative ability for the people is one of the most difficult challenges of the National Assembly. The market and multi-sector economy has gradually been strengthened and expanded, a lot of big changes have been happening in the society. These changes are required to be reflected in the political life and policies. The representative offices, especially the National Assembly, must play the important role in this issue.
Besides, the interest confrontation occurs when the representatives of provinces want to enquire the Ministers. The provinces won’t let the representatives destroy the good relations with the Ministers and projects of the provinces that had been signed by the Ministers.
Another challenge is the professionalism of the National Assembly. A professional Parliament must have professional members, the people representatives. Being professional, the representatives must have enough time to fully implement their functions. Our Parliament has just nearly 30% full-time members. The full-time function and professionalism are very different. However, not being full-time means not having enough time and conditions to enrich the experience to be professional.
The renewal of the organization and the operation of the Parliament must obey a common movement of ensuring democracy. Therefore, the representative function for the people is always the most basic and decisive issue./.
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Deck Hero14 15/3/16 22:15

Vietnamese people is awaiting for a new national assembly

Love Peace 15/3/16 22:20

The National Assembly of Vietnam is the only body with the right of legislation in the country. It has the right to change the constitution and define its own role as well as that of all other state organs.

yobro yobro 15/3/16 22:22

It has embodied national unity, renovation and development.

Only Solidar 15/3/16 22:27

The NA must play an important role to build and protect rights of the people, bring them chances and opportunities to fully develop.

MaskOf Zero 15/3/16 22:30

The National Assembly has fulfilled its function of constitution building and legislation

Pack Cassiopian 15/3/16 22:32

The NA created a firm legal foundation for the building of a law-governed Vietnamese state of the people, by the people, and for the people

John Smith 15/3/16 22:38

The representatives must have enough time and ability to solve the problems that concern the people's life.

Jane smartnic 15/3/16 22:43

The representatives must be professional in their political job, deserving with the hope and trust of the people.

LawrenceSamuels 15/3/16 22:50

I want to be a member of the NA, to contribute to build a NA of the people.

Gentle Moon 15/3/16 22:51

Over the past 70 years, the Vietnam National Assembly has contributed significantly to national liberation, reunification, construction and defense.

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