Hanoi Protestant Church nominated Elite Artist Kim Tien as candidate of the 14th National Assembly by

                                                             Elite Artist Kim Tien

The Elite Artist Kin Tien has just nominated as candidate of the upcoming national assembly by Hanoi Protestant Church.
On March 12, the Elite Artist Kim Tien sent her profile to run for candidate of the 14th National Assembly.
Mrs. Kim Tien said that the Hanoi Protestant Church had nominated her as the representative to run for candidate and she was totally surprised. Despite the hard work of being a candidate, she will try to overcome because she is a member of the Church.
The Artist said that running for candidate of the national assembly is not easy at her age of 69, but she will receive all difficulties because this is the duty and responsibility in her religion.
As she said, to successfully fulfill this task, she immediately starts learning, reading and observing things that the country is facing in all aspects of development. In her viewpoint, the first and foremost standard of a NA candidate is to put the country’s interests above all, and then being professional in a certain aspect so the candidate can have exact and deep ideas about the aspect.
“Not only me, whoever is being in charge of the NA candidate, has to realize that we are carrying a heavy-but-honor task, we represent our areas and contribute the best ideas for the people’s life and the country”, she said.
Reportedly, the Elite Artist Kim Tien was born in 1948, grown up in Hanoi. She was one of the first broadcasters of the News Board of the Vietnam Television. Besides working as a newscaster and editor, she also notes the drama.
The Hanoi Fatherland Front on March 15 received 87 application papers from candidates running for the deputies of the 14th National Assembly.
The application papers are from 40 candidates introduced by organizations and 47 self-nominated candidates.
Hanoi also recorded 205 candidacies for the seat in the municipal People’s Council, including 196 nominated and nine self-nominated candidates.
Chairman of the Hanoi Fatherland Front Vu Hong Khanh said the number of self-candidacies in the city for the NA membership in the 14th term is higher than in previous terms.
The front will work to examine and close the last preliminary list of candidates, and will then present the list in residential quarters across the city to collect feedback from locals, he added.
Le Thi Kim Oanh, Vice Chairwoman of the municipal front, expressed her belief that the quality of both introduced and self-nominated candidates will meet set requirements.
The election of deputies to the 14th NA and all-level People’s Councils of the 2016-2021 tenure will convene on May 22, which is a Sunday as in line with the law./.

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