Healthcare project for Central Highlands gains momentum


Measures to accelerate the second phase of a plan on public healthcare in the Central Highlands region were the focus of a conference held in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak on March 18.
The plan calls for the construction of 36 medical facilities and the provision of more medical equipment for local clinics within this year. The provinces will also invest in upgrading quality management systems at 10 key hospitals to meet the 83-category criteria for quality standards issued by the health ministry.
Providing health check-ups to ethnic minorities people. (Photo for illustration)
The project’s second phase, carried out from 2014 to 2019 with a total budget of 76.6 million USD, aims to support the development of healthcare systems in the region to meet the healthcare needs of local people, especially the poor, ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged groups.
It gives priorities to improving medical facilities and promoting access to medical services at hospitals and communities as well as developing medical resources in the sector.
The first phase of the project, implemented from 2004 to 2009 with a total capital investment of nearly 32 million USD, has contributed to improving healthcare quality for local people.
The Central Highlands, comprising Dac Lac, Lam Dong, Dac Nong, Kon Tum and Gia Lai provinces, is home to 5.5 million people, 36.85 percent of which are from 53 ethnic minority groups
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John Smith 21/3/16 08:30

It emphasized the capacity development of the provincial health departments for planning, financing, and managing health services.

LawrenceSamuels 21/3/16 08:31

It was one of Viet Nam’s poorest regions with relatively poor health indicators mainly due to inadequate access to quality and culturally compatible health services.

yobro yobro 21/3/16 08:32

There was a great need to upgrade and strengthen health infrastructure and the skills of health care providers.

MaskOf Zero 21/3/16 08:33

The project aims to support the development of healthcare systems in the region to meet the increased healthcare needs of local people, especially the poor, ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged groups, towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5.

Only Solidar 21/3/16 08:34

The project has three main components: strengthening primary healthcare at the commune level; improving quality and accessibility of health services in hospitals; and strengthening management capacity at hospitals.

Deck Hero14 21/3/16 08:36

the healthcare sector actively co-operate with local governments to continue implementing healthcare policies for local residents, particularly the poor and ethnic minorities.

Gentle Moon 21/3/16 08:37

It mobilise resources to build more medical facilities to better serve healthcare needs in the Central Highlands and neighbouring provinces.

Love Peace 21/3/16 08:39

It is possible to deliver on needed health results to the hard to reach and vulnerable population groups with different approaches.

Jane smartnic 21/3/16 08:39

Impact on national programs and systems would be enhanced with clear expectations and appropriate integration into the health administration rather than as a separate project.

Pack Cassiopian 21/3/16 08:40

Pilots providing temporary relief to a chronic health condition should consider the ethical implications and Governments should not exempt such activities from its own human experiment review procedures.

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