UN and Sudan signed action plan to protect children in armed conflicts


On March 27th 2016, the United Nations and the Government of Sudan signed a plan of action to protect children in the context of ongoing conflict in many areas in this country.
This is an important step in the protection of children in Sudan - where about 10,000 children participated in the Sudanese security forces and armed groups, mainly in the Darfur region, according to the UNICEF.
Emphasized at the signing ceremony, the Minister of Social Security Mashair Al-Dawalab of Sudan reiterated the commitment of Sudanese Government in the protection of children in conflict areas and to prevent the recruitment and violations of children’s physical and psychological situation. According to Ms. Mashair Al-Dawalab, the preparation for the joint action plan have been carried out in the long term of 4 years in order to ensure implementing the plan in practice and not just on paper.
Meanwhile, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations on Children and Armed Conflict Leila Zerrougui described, the plan between the Government of Sudan and the UN was prepared as a "comprehensive plan". This plan shows the willingness and commitment of the Sudan before the international regulations on termination of exploitation and recruitment of children into armed purposes. She said that it took a long time to prepare so it was evidence that the level and improvement efforts of the Government of Sudan.
Action Plan has set out a series of measures to strengthen the protection of children against the effects of armed conflicts, in which there is an end and prevent the recruitment of children, as well as the demobilization for children from the national security forces.
If the contents of action plan are successfully implemented, the national security forces of Sudan will be removed from the list in the annual report of the United Nations Secretary-General on children and armed conflict.

Sudan is the seventh country in response to the global campaign entitled "Children, not soldiers" launched by the United Nations in March 2014. Six other countries have joined the global campaign including Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.
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John Smith 2/4/16 20:32

Despite global acceptance of existing human rights legislation dealing with children’s rights, 250,000 child soldiers remain involved in more than 30 conflicts around the world today.

LawrenceSamuels 2/4/16 20:32

Shocking reality that in far too many situations of armed conflict children are routinely brutalised and their most fundamental rights contravened.

yobro yobro 2/4/16 20:33

Recent commitments made by armed groups and forces have enabled thousands of child soldiers to be demobilised and reunited with their communities

MaskOf Zero 2/4/16 20:38

The UN put in place a child protection policy that includes child protection advisors in Peacekeeping Operations which will foster better monitoring and reporting of violations of children’s rights and help formulate a response.

Only Solidar 2/4/16 20:40

Children are also detained as part of counter-terrorism measures because they’re suspected of being associated with “terrorist” groups.

Deck Hero14 2/4/16 20:43

In some instances, sexual violence on boys and girls continues to be used as a weapon of war and is a grave breach of international humanitarian and human rights laws.

Pack Cassiopian 2/4/16 20:45

Sexual violence has been used as a premeditated tactic of war designed to humiliate or exterminate a population or to force displacement. For children, the physical and mental consequences are devastating, with far-reaching negative effects on sustainable peace and security

Love Peace 2/4/16 20:46

Often caught in a lacuna and a political vacuum, they remain the most vulnerable of groups whose rights are denied

Jane smartnic 2/4/16 20:48

We may hear many theoretical arguments about state sovereignty and the imposition of double standards and though we may attempt to address those concerns, we must not lose focus

Gentle Moon 2/4/16 20:49

the international community must remain resolute and focused on ensuring accountability of perpetrators and fighting impunity for grave violations against children. She also urged the Council to privilege the voice of the victims.

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